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Self Intoduction Speech

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Imagine this Its the 2010 city championship playoffs taft vs paly last round game point, which may i add is the one point any senior varsity player dreams about playing in.

Now before i tell you the end result of what happened at this day and time i want to give you a little more background to this story.

my position on the volleyball team went from starting outside hitter to starter bench warmer my varsity year in volleyball. Every practice i gave 110% of my heart and soul only to be put in the games strictly to serve the ball. i had two girls fighting for the same position as i was (outside hitter, and for anyone who is not familiar with this position it is the person who spikes the ball). These 2 girls not only had age on me but they're skill were a lot more developed then mine was, i had started my freshman year while these two girls played since they were in middle school on a club league. i knew the only time i would get put in the game was for my hard serves so i took a lot of pride in my serving and did whatever it took to get the extra points for my team. suprsingly enough i did get a lot of playing time just by serving the ball and the other team not being able to pass my serves. my coach would always preach to me play every point as if it is the game point in the city championship. On the day of the playoff my coach had put me to the test, i had not played the whole entire game, not only was i confused on why he had not put me in, but so was the whole entire team. i was so frustrated because of the amazing practice i had the day before.

that for some reason i decided to even take off my shoes during the finals match out of frustration. as i was sitting down with no shoes on With my luck my coach had decided to give me a heads up that i will be put in game to serve for game point, not noticing the fact that my shoes werent on...so i had 2mn to frantically put on my shoes and ran to the service line, as i was running i tripped and had fallen flat on my face

. but i got right back up , served the ball and we actually caught up and i had won our team the final points we neeeded to win the match

It took eighteen long years to become who i am today and within these eighteen years i have grown up with a family who gave me freedom to be whoever i choose to be. I am very grateful for that opportunity. i have been blessed with two amazing parents and a very supportive brother. i have lived in the same city and house my entire life and both of my parents have had stable careers, which made my life extremely easy going. Being involved in sports, school and the community has always been important to me.

My parents have raised me with the pressures of becoming an overall well- balanced individual. From the early years of middle school to the last semester i have always



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