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ATL (Above-the-line advertising)

Term refers to main media expenditure, TV,

print, radio, outdoor, cinema and its

traditional accounting treatment. Now used

for all traditional media expenses incurred

through an agency; mainly used to create,

maintain brand awareness/interest.

BTL (Below-the-line advertising)

Expenditure on promotional activities which

are used to be managed within the company

(now many specialized agencies take on

these task); promotional activities other

than 'above the line' e.g. sales promotion,

POP, direct response are examples of BTL.

Marketing Communications

The formal and informal messages that

sellers transmit to buyers; that can be

systematic (planned) as well as the

unsystematic (unplanned) promotion by a

firm of its products to its markets.


Noun. Purchase, sale, acquisition


Activities involved with the orderly and

timely acquisition and transportation of

materials required for production, and

with the storage, handling and dispatch of

finished goods to customers.


Noun. Price, rate; protective tax


A mass circulation advertising leaflet or

pamphlet dropped through the letter box or

put loosely inside magazines or newspapers.


Noun. Act of operating; working,

performance, handling; venture,



Act or process of buying or selling at a

market; development of a strategy for the

sales of a certain product; promotion and

selling services; distribution of goods

Human resources

Noun. Manpower, human work force, human

labor; field of business that deals and

handles personnel matters (such as hiring,

training, firing, etc.)

Financial Accounting

Collection of basic (raw) data, as in

management accounting, but treated in a

prescribed and statute enforced format

which emphasizes the historic, custodial and

stewardship aspects of the business


Total revenue amount collected for goods

and services provided; see also gross sales,

net sales, return on sales. Sales charge -

same as commission

Customer Service

The process of meeting every customer need,

before, during and after the sale; the dept.

responsible for looking after the customer.


Noun. Management (of an office, project,

etc.); execution of managerial duties; people

in charge of directing or managing,

supervisors, leadership


An examination into the current business

situation; it can be both internal and


Risk Services

Providing services of analyzing exposure to

risk and determining how to best handle

such exposure.




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