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Go Ask Alice - Book Review

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Essay Preview: Go Ask Alice - Book Review

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Go Ask Alice

The novel Go Ask Alice is a short book by an unknown author. The book is structured as a dairy as it tells the reader about the actual events in a 15 year old teenage girl who starts taking drugs and about her experience with it. In the book the main character, Alice has to do with crime, for instincts she has broken the law, how her family try's to help her, and how she think of herself and the crime she has committed and how her morals are one this topic.

In the book she starts of as a typical teenager who would worry about their hair and everything, she then moves to a new town and on one school holidays she returns to see her grandma. One night she get invited to a party at this party her drinks get spiked and this is the first time and the time that she gets hooked on taking drugs, she wasn't to surprise by this she said that the experience was quite enjoyable 'So I am glad they did it to me' (page 24) Within a week she had tried several different drugs such as pot torpedoes and acid, it becomes a part of her daily life and she can't do anything without a drug in her system. After running away from home and having some bad incidence with drugs she and her family believe that it was time that she comes of the drugs and goes to rehabilitations so that she gets clean for good. it's not till she stops righting a dairy that she has an overdose and kills herself, but because she stop writing know one knows why or how she does.

Alice breaks several main big laws throughout the book. The first law that Alice breaks is the spiking of her drink even tho she didn't do this she enjoyed the experience. This then lead on to Alice becoming an drug taker not being able to anything without a single drug in her system, this show the reader that the drugs took over her life. To help with the demands of being a druggie she then becomes a pusher and sells drugs to other people, at one stage she sold it to a little boy no older than 13 and this is when she tried to stop taking drugs for the first time because she couldn't help but to feel bad and guilty that all of this had taken over her life. Alice never met with any police officer or anything till she went to rehabilitation but she broke the three laws. This is not what her family or friends wanted to do but they always insisted to help her out and try and get her clean.

Throughout the book the reader begins to feel sorry for Alice's friends and family more so the Alice herself. The reason why the reader does this is because thought-out the book Alice hurts, betrays and breaks the morals she has been bought up with. Alice made one true friend when she moved, Beth. Beth was her only friend her true friend when she moved and when she came back from visiting her grandma and taking drugs she virtually disowns Beth as a friend. Alice's not being there for Beth and ignoring her and everything makes



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