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Gold and Platinum Records

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Being in the music business today an artist isn't considered an artist until he

or she has received a Diamond award, given by their record label which publicizes

the achievement of 10 million copies or more of an album or single. By achieving

this award, the artist earns their respect in the music business. The recording

industry association of America also known as the R.I.A.A. is "the trade

organization that supports and promotes the creative and financial vitality of the

major music companies. Its members are the music labels that comprise the most

vibrant record industry in the world. RIAA® members create, manufacture and/or

distribute approximately 85% of all legitimate recorded music produced and sold

in the United States." (R.I.A.A.).

The first gold award recognized was given in 1958. A Gold award is given for

the sale of 500,000 copies sold. As the industry grew, other record awards were

developed and were "named after precious materials". (Wikkipedia). A Multi-

Platinum Award, launched in 1984 is awarded when 2,000,000 units are sold,

Platinum awards launching in 1976, are awarded when 1,000,000 are sold, and in

1999, "the Diamond award was launched honoring sales of 10 million copies or

more of an album or single".(R.I.A.A. ) In February 1942 RCA was the first record

label to hand out their Gold record award to Glen Miller, who's song "Chatanooga

Choo Choo" had 1,200,00 in sales. According to Deejaygold, "In an effort to

reward Glenn Miller-and call attention to its own success as well - RCA Victor

took one of the master copies of 'Chatanooga Choo Choo', and sprayed it with

gold lacquer. On February 10, 1942 the music company surprised Miller during a

live radio broadcast with the 'gold record.' It was the first gold record ever

awarded to a recording artist."(Deejaygold). And that's what started the Music

recording sales certifiacation. According to economic expert:

These artists have the most gold and platinum albums (each album is counted only once even if the album was certified gold, platinum, and multi-platinum):

1. Elvis Presley (80)

2. Barbra Streisand (46) (the female with the most multi-platinum titles)

3. The Beatles (39)

4. The Rolling Stones (38)

5. Neil Diamond (37)

6. Elton John (32)

7. Kenny Rogers/First Edition (28)

8. Frank Sinatra(26)

9. Bob Dylan (28)

10. Willie Nelson (24)

11. George Strait (24) (all 24 have gone gold and platinum)

12. Kiss (23)

13. Rush (22

14. Alabama (22)

These artists as having the most gold and platinum singles.

1. Elvis Presley (24+28)



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