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Good People in Evil Places

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Essay Preview: Good People in Evil Places

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1. What happens when you put good people in an evil place? When you put good people I an evil place they become what they believe their role to be. They lose all sight of reality. When people are placed in evil places they take on a new mind set and become what society sees them as. In military people are considered to be good people, trying to protect people from terrorist, but these people took on the role of acting in humanely. These people went through the process of resocialization. I believe people are easily influenced by what group of people they are around and forget their own identity. Reality is shaped by how we perceive something, and sometimes people lose their perception of

2. Does humanity win over evil or does evil triumph ? From watching the video and reading the chapter I believe that evil prevails over humanity. People lose sight of who they are. Hostility, negative affect, and mindset characteristic take over and people start to act inhumanly. In my opinion if people are around evil more than good then they will also have evil tendencies. They will lose their identity and posses evil.

In the study done om collage students becoming prisoners or guards, the experimenters were surprised at the outcome. The college students began to feel overwhelmed by their positions. They began to become the position the were playing. They lost sight of the fact that they were only roll playing. The experiment turned them into someone they was not.



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