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Good Vs Evil

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Essay Preview: Good Vs Evil

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Good vs. Evil

When it comes down to the fact of the question as to if man is good, evil or both by nature. In this regard, they are certainly a duality which exists in the minds of men; a duality which cannot be split nor done away with. Based on the articles main idea, man is both good and evil; yet, he has the power to practice either one at his decision.

Accordingly, it can be understood that good and evil are inherent in man, or in other words, are part of his natural structure. In the article the writer indicated that the forest represent evil and the village represent good, and at last the writer ends up thinking that evil can be in the village too as well as good can be in the forest. A person's intentions are sometimes hidden, mainly when intention comes from evil thoughts and desires.

The writer indicated that the vagueness of good and bad turn out to be more frighteningly real to Brown as the village population leans to the forest. It means he started to think that the people in the village or the good people are leaning toward the forest or evil. There also many things that he used to think it was good and turns out to be evil.



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