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Gospel Message

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1. There are few different ways the Christian gospel is perceived in our culture. Some people embrace it while others question whether or not it exists. Some people think the Gospel of Christian is alleged in our traditions in many customs. Most people have the perception that if you are a Christian you feel you are holier than a non-believer. What they do not understand is that, when anyone makes the choice to become a Christian, they make life-long changes in their lives.

2. Some people may reject the Christian gospel because in their mind they cannot believe that a God that supposedly loves us can let us go to hell and burn. Another reason why it may be reject is because they still question why God allows sufferings in the world like natural disasters and all the bad things that are going on now. A God of love cannot go along and permit or allow so many tragedies.

3. For emotional reasons, People do not understand or accept God decisions. If something bad happens in their life, they start questioning about God, if there is a real God why this happen. Another reason is when somebody which is supposedly a Christian does a terrible thing to them. Instead of blaming the person the blame God because in their mind God could have prevented if He is the savior.

4. Some intellectual reasons people may reject the Christian gospel are that people want proof for everything. Christian Gospel is viewed as conflicting to intellectual learning. The majority of the bible is viewed as myths to people like atheist.

5. We gain knowledge of Jesus Christ by hearing the word of God. We need good, Godly preachers who Love the Lord and don't place riches or any worldly thing above the message of the mercy, forgiveness and Grace of God. The statement sets Christianity apart from other religions is God's plan to reach man is very impressing. So, The Christian require hearing and reading the Word of God, and striving to walk holy and righteous before God to teach other people who don't believe. Christians should forgive others freely as God has forgiven people, so the people can learn the teachings of Jesus Christ.



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