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Messages Case

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Messages can be conveyed in so many ways such as telephone, face to face, and emails. Once a message is received, the receiver responds to the message sent. When listening or reading a message there will be some sort of response which may be verbal or nonverbal such as body movement, or gesture. When listening it may be a smile or a spoken comment. However, in a written message it may be a long sigh. Written information such as an email or a text messages has a greater chance of creating misunderstandings because the receiver of the massage cannot see the body language, tone of voice, or mannerisms that may be necessary for interpretation of the message.

For example, my supervisor sends emails in bold red and black caps when trying to relay pertinent information. When I read the email the message made me irritated because it came off as demanding. In addition, this a negative form of communication and the message will always get lost in translation. When the All caps are dropped communication is clear and concise and the receiver will be pleased with an effective message. When an individual is sending a message the sender has to develop the message first. In addition, this will eliminate any communication barriers. When an individual receives a message at times, a receiver hears what he or she wants, listen poorly or not pay close attention. In addition, this can have a negative impact on any forms of communication and feedback. Positive feedback can influence an individual decision making and make communication more effective.



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