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Happy Pet Show: An online Pet Store Business Plan

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Essay Preview: Happy Pet Show: An online Pet Store Business Plan

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Table of Contents

Letter of Transmittal

Executive Summary

The Happy Pet show is an online pet store that deals with buying and selling of pet animals. The main concept of this business is to provide an innovative way to the pet lovers for buying and selling their pets by using our platform. Hence, this business acts as an intermediary between supplier of animals and pet customers through this platform.

The reason of opening this start up business online is due to the extensive move of our target market (pet lovers) online on social media. The age group is young from 15 years to 30 and both male and females. Knowing the fact, this target market coexists on social media more than any other medium. Hence, we appeared on this medium.  

As a start up, The Happy Pet shop is focusing on its Facebook page that is quite successful in its first 4 weeks. We have received 4 orders on the initial stage and have successfully delivered our first two orders to the customers with the service of free home delivery in all over Karachi.

After immense planning and brainstorming, our team set step by step operations as well as our future milestones to help this business grow enormously. First milestone was to create page and gather audience there. We faced difficulty in the first two weeks as no good response was being received. However, we overcome this barrier and planned about our marketing strategy.

The marketing strategy we came up with was simple for us and exciting for many. We started an online contest in the name of #MyHappyPet and invited people to take participate. Within two days of announcement, we received twenty entries of some of the most beautiful pets. The rules were simple and participants had fierce level of competition.  

During the time, The Happy Pet Shop has overcome its first barrier of audience on page. Our posts reached to thousands of people and we gather the target audience of hundreds. We’re currently distributing the bumper prizes to winners of the contest and with every passing moment we’re growing bigger and stronger.

Description of Business

The Happy Pet Shop is an intermediary between pet suppliers and

Industry Description

All the suppliers and customers concerned with the pet’s buying and selling comes under the umbrella of pet industry. Porter five forces analysis is to be applied:

  • Industry Rivalry:

As this business in Pakistan is not developed as compared to the rest so the competition level is on the lower scale.

  • Threat of Substitute:

Substitutes of the services provided by us are also available domestically. There are other parties available too that are acting as a middle man between the suppliers and the customers. To exist in the field it is important to step carefully and form strategies.

  • Bargaining Power of Buyer:

Bargaining power of buyer is neutral. It depends upon the quality of offered services and demand of the buyer. If the demanded one is received then customers can sometimes sacrifice on price. As it is not a necessity so rich people are the buyers.

  • Bargaining Power of Suppliers:

As compared to the buyers, suppliers have more bargaining power .As its beginning of the business so developing good relation with suppliers is important for us. Once the good relations are formed then it be affecting positively.

  • Barriers to Entry:

Entry barriers are low as it is not yet developed business in Pakistan as compared to others. So it’s not difficult to enter and so there are competitors but few.

Organizational Plan:

 Our business belongs to the “Pet Shop” named as “Happy Pet Shop”. It has an electronic E-business element. As promotion of this business is done through electronic media (social media).It’s a domestic business. All the participants doing business are considered to be the owner of the business.

 The ownership style is based on partnership as more than one owner is involved and no further employees will be hired as business is at the lower scale because it’s beginning. Main purpose of the business is to provide ease to the customers in purchasing their pets. Acting as a bridge between the customer and the suppliers and providing the pets on mutually agreed rate.

Operational Plan:

Our goal is to provide the best services to the customers by acting as a bridge between the suppliers and the customers. Goals will be achieved when good relations will be formed with the suppliers, so doing contract with them and acting as a path between the suppliers and the customer. We’re therefore, providing the ease and the reliable services to the pet lovers.

Visiting markets and finding the trustworthy suppliers who will also offer reasonable rates so the business can lead towards the success. Some cash on hand is important to keep so to make payment to the suppliers timely when payment is to be late received from the customers. Expanding business through media is another important task so to promote and aware the large population of the business.

SWOT Analysis:


Strength is that these services can easily be provided in small scale business so it has chances of success even at small scale. Less capital is required for providing these services.


As it’s the beginning so developing good business relations with the customers and suppliers can be time consuming .Starting point in every business require more effort.


Promoting business on social media to high extent can also be converted in to the strength if used. The more awareness people have is positively correlated to the success of the business.



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