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Health System

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The Public health system is founded on "prevention of disease and promotion of the health of a population" by means of evidence based and socially accepted methods as stated in the Community Health and Wellness edition 4.

The role of Public Health is to protect and improve the health of Australians as taken from The Memorandum of Understanding for a National Public Health Partnership for Australia (2003 p.2) including regulation of health care practitioners, promotion of initiatives to encourage healthy habits and promote well being and research.

Immunisation programs and the introduction of new national laws are some implementations of public health to raise the public's awareness and general overall health of the Australians.

There are three sections that the public health system is split into:

* Population, health and where we are in relation to our health.

* Environmental issues that could impact our health

* The performance of our health system directly (Duckett S J 2007, p.4)

Naturopathy does not fall under these regulations. Currently in Australia Naturopaths can gain membership with Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA), National Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA) and Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association (ANPA).

However the principles of Naturopathy and the Public Health System resonate in a few areas such as prevention of ill health or disease, the promotion of healthy lifestyles, cultural sensitivity, accessibility, community participation and intersectional collaboration.

Naturopathy is a method of healing that employs various lifestyle changes to gain optimal health. A naturopath believes that "good health involves more than just a remedy". If we want to live long, joyful, happy lives we must endeavour to re-establish the proper relationship between ourselves - The whole body and mind - and nature in order to empower an individual to reach their highest level of health (Dr H.C.A Vogel, 1990).

A naturopath follows seven simple principles compromised of esoteric, philosophical as well as clinical approaches to enhance and maintain ones wellbeing, as a way to educate the public about alternative ways of living.

A naturopath, the same way as a General Practitioner, is expected to implement the code of ethics into everyday practice to defend public health and safety, support the quality of practice, promote informed health choices and treat patients with consideration and respect, therefore should be acceptable to fit into the Public Health system.

There is a valuable connection that needs to be made between healthcare professionals such as traditional medicals as well as complementary medicine practitioners to allow for closer collaboration to ensure the safety



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