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Health System

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As the health system is developing so fast recently, some problems have been brought about by the high speed, one of which is whether doctors should be allowed to do part-time medical practice. It has arouse a seemly endless debate among the medical field. In my point of view, doctor should be allowed to do part-time medical practice which may benefit both patients and doctors.

Firstly, for the benefits of patients, part-time medical practice should be allowed. The shortage and imbalance of medical resources always threaten the benefits of patients. For example, a research showed that there are 1.8 certified doctors per 1000 people in China by the end of 2011. Also, an uneven distribution of medical resources from the rural area to the urban area has been discovered. In this case, overwork of doctors are applied to making up for the shortage and imbalance at the expense of quality of medicine. Then, the benefits of patients can not be guaranteed. Fortunately, this situation can be improved by the allowance of part-time medical practice. Patients can make an appointment in need with a part-time doctor who spends his spare time to serve the patient with more patience, in other words, with higher quality. Moreover, freedom of the part-time job may change the situation that high-qualified doctors concentrate in some major hospital which leads to the inequality of medical resources. It encourages doctors to go wherever needed instead of sitting and waiting in the hospital for the patient in need. As a result, the inequality can be improved.

Secondly, for the sack of doctors, the allowance is necessary. Doctors in China overwork nowadays and the statistics from a survey in 2008 indicated that each of them worked 3136.14 hours per year, which means the working time was over 8.5 hours per day. Time is so limited that doctors are occupied all day long in their jobs under great pressure. Lack of flexibility of their jobs results in poor physical health as well as psychological health. It is dangerous for our medical system due to the poor working condition of our doctors. Medicine, as a career that require much effort, time and determination, has already put too much responsibility on the shoulder of doctors. If this job lacks flexibility, doctors may be forced to pursue another job. The part-time medical practice can provide doctors with more choices they are willing to do, helping them get more happiness from what they do and gain more motivation to devote themselves into their job. Thus, it also does good to doctors themselves.

However, some people may argue that part-time medical practice can hinder the development of medical researches since the spare time of doctors is occupied by part-time jobs. But as far as I'm concerned, one who has a great passion to do research will no be bothered at all because he has the choice of his own and he will insist on his interest. On the contrary, if someone has no passion for



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