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Healthy Weightloss Vs. Unhealthy Weightloss

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Essay Preview: Healthy Weightloss Vs. Unhealthy Weightloss

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Healthy Weight Loss versus Unhealthy Weight Loss

Physical appearance is extremely important to people in our society today. Everybody is constantly worried about the latest trends and fashion, but one of the largest concerns when it comes to physical appearance is body size and weight. Unfortunately, people do not always take the right approach to losing weight. For some individuals losing weight can become a dangerous obsession. Developing an eating disorder and participating in proper diet and exercise both lead to the same result: weight loss. However, eating disorders lead to being unhealthy, while diet and exercise generally lead to a healthy lifestyle.

Unhealthy Weight Loss

Many individuals in the world today have a distorted view of body size and weight. People fear that if they eat too much food, or do not exercise excessively that their weight is unacceptable. Many people who develop eating disorders start out participating in a diet by changing their eating and exercise habits. Eating disorders develop when the habits they establish throughout their diet become an obsession that is very difficult to stop. In some ways eating disorders are just a diet that never ends, and becomes more restrictive until it eventually takes over their life. Sometimes eating disorders become so extreme that individuals no longer want to participate in activities with friends or family. These individuals would rather exercise to ensure they do not gain any extra weight from any food they may have eaten that day.

Eating disorders are not always developed because of excessive dieting. Sometimes eating disorders are caused by problems such as stress, anxiety, and depression. Individuals under a tremendous amount of stress tend to change their eating habits. Changing eating habits or starving themselves seems like an easier task than dealing with the cause of their stress. Eating disorders cause the body to have a lack of nutrition that can lead to physical health issues such as heart conditions, or kidney failure. Not only do eating disorders affect physical health, they can also affect mental health as well. Individuals with eating disorders are constantly planning what to eat, or how to eliminate food they do eat. Constantly stressing about food can be exhausting! Eating disorders are extremely dangerous and should be avoided.

Healthy Weight Loss

Losing weight does not have to be a dangerous process. Choosing to participate properly in a healthy diet helps prevent the risk of heart disease, cancer, and many other diseases. Diets are designed to help people maintain a healthy weight, and learn how to eat healthy foods. Some people have a hard time determining what type of diet is best. According to Nutrition MD (2011), "What type of diet is best for disease prevention and to maintain a healthy weight? The best



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