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Mypyramid Program - Healthy Eating for Me

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Essay Preview: Mypyramid Program - Healthy Eating for Me

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The MyPyramid program gives you specific recommendations on what you need to intake in order to become a healthier you. It is a guideline on the food groups and physical activity that we need daily. The MyPyramid icon includes six colored stripes: Red: fruit, Green: vegetables; Orange: grains; Yellow: oils; Blue: dairy; and Purple: meats and beans. In order for me to continue to be healthy, MyPyramid recommended, nine ounces of grains, three and a half cups of vegetables, two cups of fruit, six and a half ounces of meats and beans, and three cups of milk.

MyPyramid gave me a lot of tips. For grains I should use more whole grained dishes. I should buy fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season; include milk in most of my meals and keep my meats lean. According to the guidelines I am lacking in a lot of areas, especially in fruits, vegetables, dairy, and vitamins A, C, B6, and Calcium. In order for me to meet my daily recommendations of nutrients, I should eat leafy green vegetables such as spinach or lettuce, contain more milk in my diet and eat more fruit with my meals. I wish I could say that I am meeting the requirements for me to be healthy, but I am not. I am rather exceeding my intake or not meeting it.

Doing this assignment really surprised me, I know that I am not the healthiest person in the world but I thought I was doing somewhat well, but apparently I am not. It just shows that just because you may eat some fruit here or there or drink a bottle of water during the day doesn't make you healthy, you have to do it every day consistently with physical activity too! If I continued to input my meals into the MyPyramind it would probably show that I am somewhat healthy but I could definitely be healthier.

To become a healthier me I would cut how much sweet, fatty, oily food I eat in half. I will include vegetables in almost every meal; try to include milk in my meals and water, use multi-grained pastas and starches. I will use less oil/butter in my cooking; eat breakfast in the morning with a bowl of fruit and orange juice. Just become wise with what I am eating.

I found this program to be very helpful, it help me realize that I need to be wise with what I choose to eat and how much I eat of that food group. I need to watch out on my sodium and take in more milk and vegetables. It is very important to focus on cholesterol, total fat, and definitely sodium because it's in EVERYTHING! They are very essential but too much isn't good for your body just like anything else for that matter.



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