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Hilton Case - onq - a Revolution in Integration

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Essay Preview: Hilton Case - onq - a Revolution in Integration

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OnQ A Revolution in Integration

- OnQ is a technology system that is the only one in its class in the entire world.

It is a single-solution system that is used by the Hilton Corporation to connect its multi-chain hotel company.

which launched in 2003 with transformative effects and is now the brain power behind these new initiatives. OnQ is Hilton's proprietary technology platform - built on Microsoft's Windows NT ( www.micro soft.com) - that integrates multiple capabilities onto one system. It supports hotel reservations and sales, guest services, operations, and business intelligence-gathering activities. It provides guest information to Hilton staff on demand, prompting them to act on cue to guest preferences and service delivery problems. Essentially, OnQ is Hilton's central nervous system, supersized. And it's the only platform that Hilton runs, installed in 2,500 properties

Going beyond knowing its guests, the next step in Hilton's personalization passion is to empower guests to take control over their stay. This is being accomplished on several fronts.

Currently in all hotels, guests that are Diamond or Gold HHonors members can go online and select a room number, as well as check in, up to 24 hours in advance. "We're continuing to find ways to expand the [OnQ] platform to enable guests to do whatever they want to do," explains Machen.

- OnQ connects Hilton team members from every chain to every aspect of their guests' needs.

Eliminates "coffee that tastes like yesterday, desk chairs that double as instruments of torture, and shower curtains covered with grime." (John Fiorendino, senior director of global business for Hitachi Data Systems)

- Hilton Hotels can share information at all levels of the organization

Gives hotel staff the knowledge to make decisions and know "just how precious a 'John Fiorendino' is and making sure that, at the very least, he doesn't have two straight nights in a creepy shower" (Information Week, Tony Kontzer)


- "Enabling benefits such as cross-sell revenue of over $1 billion in 2008, all while building customer loyalty." (Wikipedia.org)

- Reduces redundancies in inventory sales

- Manages property sales and distribution

- Enables smart, profitable, fully integrated decision making within the Hilton Corporation chain of hotels.

- Increases distribution points



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