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Hint 211 - Interview of Health Care Professional in Management

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Essay Preview: Hint 211 - Interview of Health Care Professional in Management

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Sarah Rash


Davenport University

Ruth Eliers

HINT 211


Valparaiso Care and Rehabilitation is a 168 bed facility that currently has 146 residents with varying levels of disabilities. The center provides extended-stay nursing care in a very diverse setting. With primary focus being on individual needs, the center has a basic population area as well as three specialty units. (Skilled Nursing Facilities, 2011)

The first of the three specialty units is therapy. In addition to treating long-term residents, this unit treats patients through a program titled "Moving Forward" which works towards a goal of restoring lost ability and returning patient's home. (Skilled Nursing Facilities 2011)

The next specialty unit, Augusta's Cottage Memory Care, is dedicated to the care of those patients with Alzheimer's disease. It is the newest wing of Valparaiso Care and Rehabilitation Center with it's opening being a little over a year ago. This unit is a self -contained area which helps keep the secure, home-like environment that is strived for. Quality of life is the primary focus within this unit. (Skilled Nursing Facilities, 2011)

The ventilator unit is the third, and most costly of the specialty units. Valparaiso Care and Rehabilitation is one of only a few places that offer a ventilator unit within the county. This has caused a bit of a problem for those on ventilators in the surrounding areas that have resided in other places that have closed down. A sudden rush of new patients on ventilators has occurred for this reason. Ron Arnst (personal communication, June 10, 2011)

Ron Arnst is the Executive Director at Valparaiso Care and Rehabilitation Center. His job consists of acting as a representative of the governing body of the nursing facility for the internal management. He is responsible for the efficient administration of all activities, subject to policies, procedures and orders of the governing body in compliance with company policies. In addition to managing the overall operation of the facility, Ron enforces rules and regulations relative to health care and safety of residence. He also manages subordinate supervisors who supervise employees in all departments. Departments in the facility include: housekeeping, office workers, laundry, dietary, nurses, nurses aids, therapists, maintenance, social workers, admission workers and the activities department. Ron Arnst (personal communication, June 10, 2011)

In order to run the facility most effectively, Ron believes planning skills are an absolute necessity. In an increasingly complex regulatory environment, planning makes all of the difference. The facility has been planning for upcoming changes mandated by the government by slowly intergrading and updating new computer systems, this year the facility will be spending 35,000 on this task. Ron also mentioned on the topic of planning, that one must know how to budget. Hitting the budget plan is his top priority. The facility's budget is done monthly, with the period and budget being based on a patient per day (PPD). Ron Arnst (personal communication, June 10, 2011)

When I asked Ron about methods of effective strategic leadership, delegation of duties was his reply, almost before I could finish asking the question. Clearly this is Ron's top method of effective leadership, he stated that when responsibilities have been delegated to management, the management is then held accountable and "Nobody wants to be in the hot seat." Having great management that you can confidently delegate duties to and trust to make decisions, is the key to effective strategic leadership. Ron Arnst (personal communication, June 10, 2011)

Another way Ron effectively leads his staff is through meetings. One meeting is held in the morning to discuss any events that may have happened through the night in addition to discussing any issues or concerns the staff may have. A "hit list" or, a list of things that need



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