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History of Ibm Focused on Products and Services offered

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Essay Preview: History of Ibm Focused on Products and Services offered

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Introduction and History of IBM focused on products and services offered

IBM is one of the largest technology growing company provides of software, hardware and technology services in the world; their success goes back further than the development of computers. It was originally a Tabulating Machine Company founded in 1896 by Herman Hollerith. It specialized in developing punched card data processing equipment. The company used basic principles of data processing to bring the world into the age of computer. (Aswad & Meredith 2005) The patent for this technology was initially applied for in 1884. It began as a means for Hollerith to meet the demands in tabulating the 1890 Census. Punch cards introduced in 1896 laid the foundation for generations of equipment which would one day be known as IBM.

In 1928, IBM introduced a new 80 column rectangular-hole punched card, which became the standard IBM card used by tabulators and computers for many years to come. Later in the 1950's IBM became the primary contractor in developing computers for the United States Air Force automated defense systems. While working on the SAGE interceptor control system IBM gained information critical to work being performed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This information spearheaded advancements for the company by learning information on digital data transition, algebraic computer language, light guns, integrated video display, analog to digital and digital to analog conversion. IMB built fifty six SAGE computers totalling thirty million dollars each and in its heyday employed more than seven thousand employees.

Such a wide range of products and service enables IBM to target enormous audience and make sure that some of the products they develop will become successful. On other hand side, by taking over other successful companies and brands IBM is able to overcome the process of developing new risky products, but at the same time to increase its market share and overall popularity. (IBM, 2011)



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