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Bshs 302 - History of Human Services

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Essay Preview: Bshs 302 - History of Human Services

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The author of this paper will attempt to justify and rationalize the need for Human Services professionals, today. According to Bureau of Labor, the Human Services market is one the largest occupational outlooks for job growth. Perhaps this reasoning is as multifaceted as those that work in the field of Human Services. (US Bureau of Labor, 2010) According to labor reports, Human Service professionals or Human Service Assistants work in various office settings that may include: entry level social work positions, case management, domestic violence shelters, mental health care aides, vocational rehabilitation, substance abuse clinics, intake specialist, and counselors.

History of Human Services

Throughout the ages our Nation has been involved with the reform and order of social programs. Early pioneers for Human Service and advocacy worked primarily with: children, the poor and the mentally insane. As the social climate changed so did the need for social change agents. Various Movements such as the Temperance Movement, Women's Rights and Civil Rights Movement have brought about dramatic changes in the history and service delivery of programming regarding US citizens. In the early turn of the Century pioneers and reform agents for Human Services include: Jane Adams, Mary Richmond and Dorethea Dix. In later the years, the urban uprisings and growing poor created radical changes not only for individuals but government agencies and grass roots organizers. As a chosen career path this field is not limiting at all, instead the job outlook is very great for new professionals entering in the field. According to reports the average income and earning potential is $20, 350 to $ 32, 440. (US Bureau of Labor, 2010) To learn more visit: http://www.bls.gov/

Occupational Outlook: Planning and Community Development are new opportunities for growth within this job market. Grass Roots organizers are needed and so is the need for Advocating for more detailed and specific services in rural and urban settings across the country. Service workers often assist vulnerable populations like the poor and the aged; the homeless and the elderly are new prospective clients for professionals. Human Service is a really a broad term used to describe Allied Health and professional staff who are dedicated to providing assistance and resources to deserving individuals. Professionals today, may offer assistance with financial planning, mental health services, medical care and access, therapeutic alternatives, and community support services to an individual who maybe in need. Professionals who are working within this occupation may have various degrees ranging from many different academic disciplines but mostly, within the Social Sciences. Some examples may include education from various academic disciplines such as: Psychology, Social Work and Sociology. To date it appears that living



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