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Holocaust Survivor

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Essay Preview: Holocaust Survivor

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My name is David Abrahamson, am a Jew and I live in the Warsaw Ghetto. I have been living with my wife and kids in the ghetto for over two years now and times are tough. I take part in the underground resistance fighting group called the Jewish Fighting Organization. One day, our group began to smuggle guns into the ghetto from the outside world. I volunteered to help in the “mission” we had. A few Jews and I were directed to take a wheelbarrow to the Nazi headquarters to have the wheel replaced. On the way back our small group walked by the brick wall that separated the Warsaw ghetto from the common folk. I stood at the corner of the building next to the wall and stood watch. The other Jews looked out for any Nazis while one Jew retrieved the bundle of blankets with the guns hidden inside. We quickly returned to the workers building in fear of being caught by any Nazis. Our Jewish Resistance Organization continued to resist by smuggling in guns from outside aids, and I always volunteered although it was a dangerous situation. During one smuggling run which I was in, we were caught by surprise when three Nazis walked around the corner and saw our small group of Jews. We planned to fight back the day they were beginning “liquidation.” Our underground resistance group stored and hid around two hundred guns, several hand grenades and home-made bombs. The day the “liquidation” started to occur we appeared on the streets of the Warsaw ghetto holding guns, bombs and Molotovs. We started to fire upon the Nazi officers and soldiers who had ruined our lives and made our lives difficult. Many of us resistance fighters were emotional in fighting back and continued to fight back for several days because we all wanted their rule to end. The Nazi soldiers rallied their forces and fought back; the Nazis suffered several losses but we lost more. Several of us escaped and survived the destruction that the Nazis put on the Warsaw ghetto. I was one of the survivors and I believe resistance is a way of freedom from the bad people in life. 



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