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Holocaust Essay

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The Holocaust! Have you heard about it? It was a period of time from January 30, 1933 to May 8, 1945, when Adolf Hitler, who was the Chancellor of Germany, reigned over most of Europe with his political party, called the Nazi Party. The three main causes of the Holocaust were because Adolf Hitler mainly wanted to annihilate the Jewish population in Europe, and then the entire world of Jewish people, because Germany had lost the war in World War I, and because of greed, because the National Socialist German Workers' Party, or Nazis, burgled the possessions of others and profited from the forced labor of the victims, as a revenge for losing the war in World War I. Now to explain the first reason of the cause of the Holocaust!

First of all, the first reason of the cause of the Holocaust was because Adolf Hitler wanted to annihilate the Jewish population in Europe, and the entire world of Jewish people. For example, the Nazis believed that these innocent Jews wanted to control the world, and, in other words, were an obstruction to Aryan dominance. However, they were very incorrect because the Jews did not want to control over the world but wanted freedom, to practice their religion wherever they could because of their religious beliefs. However, the Nazi Party was unable to understand that and therefore wanted to murder these Jewish people. In addition, the Nazis believed that their racial origin made them ordinary criminals that could not be corrected of their own behavior, or rehabilitated, because they were considered dishonest and mediocre. This statement is also not true about the Jews because the Jewish people did not want to cause harm toward the Nazis, or Aryan race but tried to have tolerance, or respect for one another, even though they were from other religions and had various beliefs. The Nazis did not realize that though, however, and wished to destroy the Jews. In the last place, because the Jews were very much hated by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, he killed them in many different ways. He would send them into concentration camps and would make them starve to death in there, into gas chambers where they would die from lack of oxygen, or sometimes were shot if the Jewish Ghetto Police, or OD, felt that a Jew was too elderly or disabled to work and sometimes would kill the Jews for no particular reason. Now to explain the second reason of the cause of the Holocaust!

Secondly, the second reason of the cause of the Holocaust was because Germany had lost the war in World War I. For instance, the soldiers that had fought in the war to defend Germany were starving and dying because of various diseases they had received from the long fight. Since Germany did not have enough money to bring food to these poor and starving people, the German government would make the Germans pay very high taxes, which I believe is a bit unfair for the less rich people in Germany. Furthermore, because Germany had signed a Treaty of Versailles, the German government was forced to pay the Allies a large amount of money because of the many sufferings they had caused, which were to the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Serbia and Montenegro, and Russia. However, the Germans did not want to accept that they had lost World War I and felt so ashamed of this situation that Adolf Hitler blamed the Jews for all that had occurred because he felt that they were very rich and had too much money, land, and power of the press. Finally, the last reason of the cause of the Holocaust was because Germany had lost the war in World War I, and Germany had lost its great pride in Europe because Germany was now considered as a defeated and weak nation because of this. As a result of this cause, Adolf Hitler began to create his political party in 1919, called the National Socialist German Workers' Party and had gained enough supporters by the year of 1933 that he had convinced most of these people that there was only one superior race, the Aryan race, and that the Jews should be the most despised group of these people. He had written all this in what he considered



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