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How to Save a Fish from Drowning

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Essay Preview: How to Save a Fish from Drowning

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Helping A Friend Out

It is always nice to help a friend out, but sometimes helping a friend out can get you in trouble. There is a big difference with helping a friend with a problem with their boyfriend or girlfriend if they just broke up, and going to your friends ex boyfriend or girlfriend and killing them because he or she hurt your friend. There is fine line of going over the limits that you should know when trying to help a friend. You might think you are helping your friend but you are really just setting yourself to get your self in trouble. Even though it seems like your helping your friend out but you could also really hurt them because you tried helping your friend too much.

Shelby and DJ were dating for 4 years. They started dating the beginning of their freshmen year of high school. Shelby and DJ were both inseparable, they went to all the football games together, and went to all the dances together. They were the true high school sweet hearts and everybody thought they would be the couple to get married. Both of them were very popular, DJ was the quarterback of the varsity football team and Shelby was the head cheerleader of the varsity cheerleading team. They were truly the perfect couple. Once they finally finished high school, DJ proposed to Shelby and said they both would not get married till they both finish college and get their careers started. They both were planning to go to the University of Central Missouri in the fall. Well over the summer Shelby started getting suspicious of DJ cheating with her at night time when they were both at their house about to go to bed. Shelby confronted DJ and he denied everything and said he could never do that to her. Shelby tried to believe that he could really never do that her.

A week later Shelby still had suspensions that she could not trust DJ. Later that night when DJ told Shelby he was going to bed, Shelby went over to his house about an hour later. When Shelby went to his house his mom invited her in the house and said "DJ is upstairs studying with his friend". Shelby imiditaly went up stairs to see whom DJ was studying with. Shelby opened the door and found out he was not studying, he was really cheating on her. Shelby ended their relationship right then and there. Shelby was devastated she decided to call her best friend Jessica over to talk to her and calm her down. Jessica has always been their for Shelby and Jessica wanted to do everything in her power to make her best friend would not have to be in this horrible pain anymore. First, Jessica just let Shelby vent to her and cry on her shoulder and wanted to just listen to everything Shelby had to say. Then, Jessica found the girl DJ was cheating on Shelby with. Jessica told the girl that she better not show her face anywhere around town unless she wanted to get beat up. Lastly, Jessica found DJ's car and slashed all his tires so when he tried to his house,



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