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Hsbc - Managing Diversity

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HSBC is an equal opportunities employer with no discrimination on grounds of age, gender, race,

ethnicity, language, caste, economic or social status or disability. Being the "WORLD'S LOCAL

BANK", they recognize that having a workforce that broadly reflects the composition of local

communities in which they operate places them in a unique position to understand & respond to needs

of their customers. Diversity initiatives & programmes are driven by their "Diversity Committee"

which comprises senior executives from across the company. Its main areas of focus are:


A number of affirmative actions such as maternity, paternity and adoption leave, flexible

working hours, late night transportation etc. have been taken to support gender diversity.


Certain categories of job have been identified as suitable for physically challenged

individuals, like phone banking operators in call centres (for movement impaired only); data

processing staff (for movement and hearing impaired); telephone operators in HSBC pan India (for

visually impaired).


The "underprivileged" i.e. orphans and destitute individuals are assisted by tying up with

NGOs such as Future Hope and SOS Children's Villages to provide short-term training

internships. After their training, they are eligible to apply to join the bank and will be considered for

employment based on merit and availability of suitable vacancies.

HSBC India has signed the Confederation of Indian Industry's and ASSOCHAM's Code of

Conduct for Affirmative Action.

The Company has a senior executive accountable to the CEO to oversee and promote its Affirmative

Action policies and programmes. The senior executive presents / will present a biannual report to the

Board of the Company about such policies and programmes. Page | 22

Thus, with diversity central to HSBC's brand image and an



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