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Huck Fin Vs Cool Hand Luke

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To fallow the straight paved road created by society is to become their robots, to let them program you to what they believe is the correct way to be/live, opposed to straying away from this smooth straight road with an absence of hills with the occasional obstacles and walk a new path, your own path. Build your dirt path with twists and turns maybe even a loop or two. One that allows you to become the individual you dream of being and not being told your place in the picture that the world has painted for us to live in. Lucas Jackson and Huckleberry Finn both have the passion and mind set of breaking free from the mold and framework that has been set upon the by humanity.

With in the movie Cool Hand Luke, Lucas Jackson, the main character has always pushed societies button with the small things that have little meaning but great value. In the beginning of the movie it shows Lucas smashing off the heads of parking meters, in an attempt of .... An officer pulls him aside and asks him what he was doing and Luke simply replays "Small town, not much to do in the evening." By saying this it shows that Luke enjoys testing his boundaries and limits, pushing the buttons of other to see what he can get away with. Because of Luke's constant lack of respect for authority he is sent to prison for two years. While in prison Luke continues to live by his rules rather than the prisons demands, doing as he pleased. Luke is looked up to as a leader and idolized by the prisoners around him just as Christ was looked up to as a leader and idolized by his disciples. Luke attempts to run away and after he is caught the prison guard for the fist time he is punished by having an extra set of chains placed on him. After trying to escape three times from prison before he is finally shot and killed. Jesus fell three times carrying the cross before being crucified.



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