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The Dangers of Second Hand Smoke

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Essay Preview: The Dangers of Second Hand Smoke

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The Dangers of Second-hand Smoke

People all around the world die every day; they die in ways that are not natural. Why do they die this why? Who we should blame? People who smoke cigarettes, pipes, or cigars are causing themselves all kind of diseases. These are heart attacks, cancer, and also death. However, smokers are responsible for the diseases and the deaths that occurred to innocent people by what we call second-hand smoke. This is also known as environmental tobacco smoke, or passive smoke. Second-hand smoke could affect adults, children, and infants. As a result, it can cause illnesses and deaths. We should be more aware and more wise about what we are about to do to our kids, family, and our nation. This essay will discuss second-hand smoke, most places that we could be expose to it, the main effects that second-hand smoke could cause to adults, pregnant women, children, infants, and different ways to avoid it.

First, second-hand smoke it is a serious danger to everyone exposed to it, and it could happen anywhere. There are a several places that might be the most popular places, and everyone facing it everyday, therefore, we should be aware about these places. For example, at home, any smoker in home could cause a lot of health issues to his/her family members. In addition, the smoke can affect the adults and the children too. Children are very sensitive, and they can easily catch diseases; and it can even be a serious reason of sudden death for infant. Another place we can be exposed to second-hand smoke is workplace. Adults face second-hand smoke almost everywhere; in schools, universities, offices, and every place where smoke is allowed. It is serious and major places could cause us health issues.

In the article Secondhand Smoke:

Secondhand Smoke in the workplace has been linked to an increased risk for heart

disease and lung cancer among adult non-smokers. The Surgeon General has said

that smoke-free workplace policies are only way to do away with second-hand

smoke exposure in the workplace. (ACS, May 22, 2009). For example, in our workplace we might be working with smokers, and their habit could cause us a heart diseases and lung cancer too. In addition, smoke in cars and public places also consider as one of the main places mentioned earlier. Public places like restaurants, bars, malls, and all other public and private transportations that we face everyday are also one of the main sources where we are exposed to second-hand smoke.

Second, our expose to second-hand smoke has terrible side effects. These effects are serious and risk our life and health. Second-hand smoke increases the risk of lung cancer, decreases blood flow to the heart and blood vessels, and can cause death to non-smokers.

"The health effects of second-hand smoke exposure are more pervasive than we previously thought," Carmona said. "The scientific evidence is now indisputable: Second-hand smoke is not a mere annoyance. It is a serious health hazard that can lead to disease and premature death in children and non-smoking adults." (Kaufman, June 28, 2006) Children have run risks than adults of sudden death, and other serious health problems. According to researches (ACS: Second-hand Smoke) an estimated 46,000 deaths from heart diseases in non-smoker who live with smokers, about 3,400 lung cancer deaths in non-smoking adults, increases in the number of asthma attack in about 200,000 to 1 million children who have asthma, more than 750,000 middle ear infections in children, and other breathing problems in non-smokers, including coughing, mucus, chest discomfort, and reduce lung function. Pregnant women who exposed to second-hand smoke are at risk of getting low birth weight babies, and it might be reason for losing their babies (ACS, May 22, 2009). As a result, non-smokers' people have more risk than second-hand smokers. It's major and serious danger surrounds us, men, women, children, and even our environment.

Smokers' pregnant women, or who are likely to be exposed to smokers, these women are in risk to have spontaneous abortions. According to a meta-analysis of published studies, tobacco use is responsible each year for 19,000 to 141,00 spontaneous abortions; 1,900 to 4,800 infant deaths caused by per natal or pre-birth disorders; and 1200 to 2200 deaths from SIDS. (National Center for Tobacco, April 20, 2004). Pregnant women should not smoke during their pregnancy, and they should not be exposing to smokers because they might cause of the



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