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Human Resource Functions of Tanglewood Stores

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Essay Preview: Human Resource Functions of Tanglewood Stores

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I. Introduction

A. Staffing Levels

1. Acquire or Develop Talent

2. Hire Yourself or Outsource

3. External or Internal Hiring

4. Core or Flexible Workforce

5. Hire or Retain

6. National or Global

7. Attract or Relocate

8. Overstaff or Understaff

9. Short- or Long- Term Focus

B. Staffing Quality

1. Person/Job or Person/Organization Match

2. Specific or General KSAOs

3. Exceptional or Acceptable Workforce Quality

4. Active or Passive Diversity

III. References

IV. Conclusion


This paper I will deliberate on the Human Resource functions of Tanglewood Stores. The discussion of the staffing strategies; required by Tanglewood in order to maintain its business philosophy and niche market while remaining competitive. The paper suggests strategic staffing decisions regarding the nine staffing levels and four factors of staffing quality. Every industry in the marketplace has to have some type of staffing strategy in order to be successful. Tanglewood Retail among the biggest retailers among 12 regions locally and oversees. By reviewing Tanglewood company report that was provided to me. I analyzed the staffing approach below with my recommendations.


Tanglewood should acquire employees that have some knowledge in sales and retail but should also train and develop their customer service skills to coincide with the company's goals and strategies. The staffing levels and quality add up to an emerging talent and remarkable staff. The most imperative strategy's for your company to emphasis on is the diverse cultures which are related to the different areas you are focusing on; by setting your business apart from the various competitors such as Kohl's, Target, and Kmart is the primary key to success. By employees devoting this concept will in time provide exceptional service to your customers and they will be committed to you. Threat them better than you would want to be treated, by going well above a beyond the expectations of the customer. To remain effective in regards to customer focus, in addition to developing series of consumer relations concepts is the concept of keeping the internal culture strong to assists though demands of the consumers. These strategy's decisions will not only aid to Tanglewood work environment, but by building a strong relationship among employees, which will lead to being more successful on the job, high job performances, and high retention


Tanglewood should definitely hire employees themselves because they have strong company standards that need to be enforced while in hiring process. Knowing better on what types of individuals will be best for that position will help with job satisfaction and development and accomplishment by possible advancement. Your employees will feel important and stay loyal to not only themselves but as an employers and most importantly the customers.


For upper level managerial positions Tanglewood should hire internally. As stated in the case, "Organization feels their absolutely must be a workforce of committed, qualified individuals who will help carry Tanglewood philosophy into the future." Then for entry level positions they should obviously hire externally. (Kammeyer-Mueller TCB-5) According to Schein, "Learning that creates stability and culture is different from the learning



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