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Human Resource Management

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A successful business goes with a successful operation. And a successful operation consists of a lot of factors which the management needs to consistently work with. These factors depend on what type of operation a particular enterprise engage in such as service, retail or merchandising, manufacturing and other more. In the case of manufacturing entities, the focus of the management lies with the proper control of materials, manpower or labor and other indirect expenditures incurred which is also known as manufacturing overhead. The ultimate purpose or aim of an enterprise is to minimize the cost incurred without sacrificing the quality of the output. This objective is a big challenge for the management to arrive at different strategies which will help them achieve their respective goals.

One of the most important factors that needs a great deal of focus is human resource management. First and foremost, human resource management deals with the function within an organization charged with the overall responsibility for implementing strategies and policies relating to the management of individuals. Stated otherwise, the main purpose of this sector is to maximize the return on investment of the organization's human capital and minimize the financial risk of doing so. This purpose can be achieved by aligning the supply of skilled and qualified individuals and the capabilities of the current workforce with the organization's ongoing and future operational plans.

In our present time, the value of human resources are not given that much importance because of the modernization of the systems of every company. The article that I have read entitled "A treasure too valuable to waste" talks a lot about this issue. The said article focused on the different roots or causes of mismanagement of human resources. These problems are the primary reason why a lot of employees and employers cannot establish a good or conducive working atmosphere within a company.

On top of the list is the fact that the recruitment process itself has its flaws. Hiring an employee is one of the toughest stage of human resource management. First and foremost, it is quite difficult for the human resource supervisor to keenly screen if an individual perfectly fits in a particular job. This decision of whether to accept an employee or not is the main root of mismanagement. We cannot deny the fact that discrimination is still rampant nowadays. For example, based on the resume's presented by the applicants, these documents are usually grouped or classified based on the university of college they graduated from. Based solely in this stage, almost 70% of the total applicants lost their opportunity to be on the top of the choice of the management.

The second problem is that working practices in some, or rather, most of the



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