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I Was Lost but Now I Am Found

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Essay Preview: I Was Lost but Now I Am Found

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I Was Lost But Found

You have probably heard many people say this: "I've been lost, but now I'm found." This statement means so much to me because I have faced some very difficult times in my life as a young teen. I can truly relate to this: I've been lost but now I'm found."

It was a normal hot sunny day during May 2008. It was just a few weeks before the beginning of summer and the end of school. We were all so anxious, excited, and ready for the summer, and I knew this was going to be the best summer ever. It was the summer that I was going to see my cousin finally graduate. Also the summer I was going to participate in a singing competition in Las Vegas, Nevada. Finally, I was going to get to relax without any worries. Little did I know, just how wrong I thought the summer was going to go for me. Like any other day I arrived home from school, looking for my mother. As I walked through the house looking for her I finally found her in the bedroom. I heard sniffing as I approached her room. It was as if she was crying or something. I asked her what is wrong mother ? My mother replied to me and said she has committed a crime that she has to pay the price for. I could not understand at the time what she was talking about and didn't know whether or not I heard it correct. Unfortunately I did hear her correct, but I was still confused and hurt because I could not believe this was really happening to me. After she finished telling me this heartbreaking news she had to leave and turn herself in. It had been a month since I talked to her. Questions were all I could ask her because I was still hurt. As we talked she just kept apologizing for her mistakes and told me that she would soon have a court date coming up. Court day had arrived for her. I went with her closest friend because I just couldn't go alone. As she was in court, I was not allowed to see her nor go in the courtroom. That was so hard because I wanted to see someone so special to me so badly. As they read the verdict they pleaded her with 3 years. I hit the ground and could not believe what I just heard. As she came out the courtroom crying and apologizing for what had happened, I was thinking to myself, "summer is ruined and how will I ever find happiness again.

A few weeks after she was sent to prison; I moved in with my father. I became very depressed and just wanted to give up on life. I did not know how this was going to turn out because my father and I never had a close relationship. As months went by, I found myself being in this depressed mood all the time. I began to act out in a manner that I knew was inappropriate for me and it was not my personality at all. I knew a change had to be made soon because if not I was going to end up going down the wrong path.

After three months had passed by, I found hope again and I was



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