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The Lost Soul

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The Lost Soul

It feels as if the time has stood still, the earth is lost in its revolutions and the sacred soul has been captured in some black hole from where there is no return. It screams my name, it cries for me, hurts for me and even rages for me. Though I have never heard of a soul in rage, I feel as if all the souls of the world are united and in unanimous rage. The souls are getting together in their search for finding the meaning of life which is so being ignored by the bodies in which they reside. Unlike us, mere mortals, our souls are in constant motion and constant prayer. It does not matter whether the body is that of a Muslim, Jew, and Christian, Pagan or any other religion. The souls are all indifferent to religions, races, and the world of treasure and the world of pain.

They know only of one thing; to pray to the Divine Power and to bow and surrender in front of IT. Unlike us, the mortals, our souls are devoted to One and Only Creator; Allah. This is because all the souls are created by the same divine light of Allah. And the creation can get lost for centuries but deep down when faced with their masters, they'll know who their creator is even if the master is just close enough to be sensed and not seen.

We may lose and stray away from our path of divinity but not once does a soul strays from the path laid out in front of them. And even if the path is invisible, the soul recognizes it as if it's stayed t here for ages and knew the road by heart.

At some time of our lives, we all have considered about good and evil. I read somewhere that posed a question:

Are human beings in essence good or evil?

No human being in essence is purely good or purely evil. It is the soul in the body that is purely good and free from evil. The soul, though intangible and invisible, is capable of good only. No human being is capable of opening their soul and pore blackness within it.

The soul is the one which cries, screams, hurts and writhes in agony when something evil is being done; be it the body in which it arrived or someone or something else doing so. How can such a soul be capable of inflicting evil on others while remaining intact within the body? The soul can never inflict what the human mind can surely do.

The human mind and heart, on the other hand, are capable of doing everything i.e. in essence total goodness or total evil!

When the human mind conquers human heart;



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