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Idenity Theft

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Essay Preview: Idenity Theft

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Identity Theft is a serious crime that can happen to anyone, without any

warning, a thief can steal your personal information without your

knowledge to obtain credit, merchandise or other goods fraudulently. This

personal happened to me, when I was shopping at Arizona Mills, my wallet

was stolen from my back pocket, which had all my credit cards, driver

license, and social security card. I filed a police report, but didn't

think about it too much. After several months, I had unexplained purchases

that were made on my credit card, which caused me months of

investigations, and numerous hours trying to prevent severe financial


I always worked hard every day of my life, to try to pay my bills. Not

realizing when my wallet was stolen, that I was going to receive a credit

card statement in the mail, with unexplained purchases for over $5000.00,

on an online jewelry store located in Texas. This baffled me, and I

immediately contacted the company and disputed these charges. I found out

that apparently someone opened an account in my name, without my knowledge

or my permission. Someone had stolen my identity to retain credit in my

name, which I was responsible for the bill.

I immediately file a police report with the Mesa Police

Department. Detective Peterson was assigned to my case, and immediately went

to the address where the merchandise was delivered. Finding out that the

address was a freight forwarder shipping goods to Europe. Detective Vogel

told me that there is nothing that they can do for me.

I immediately contacted the credit bureau and had a fraud block

put on account. It took me over 6 hours to call Equifax, Experian, and

Trans Union. But they gave me great suggestions and prevention from this

ever happening to me again. But then I could not get any credit, and my

bank account was frozen and I couldn't touch my own money. This was a

total nightmare! This was actual hurting my credit



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