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Illegal Abotion

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There is no time when life becomes officially recognized. When a woman conceives, she is carrying a live baby in her womb. So at this point we believe life starts when one conceives because the unborn child breaths and eats in her mother's womb through the umbilical cord. We believe abortion is murder because it is the cruel way of ending life of the unborn child. We have heard disturbing stories about how the babies suffer as the mother is carrying out an abortion. The mothers who abort pregnancies are at high risk of getting complications and sometimes these complications lead to lose of life of the mother. Sometimes women get very sick after abortion, they do have infections that lead to diseases like anemia because of the loss of blood. Abortion should be illegal because of the complications that happen during the procedure. Some women have lost lives while terminating the pregnancy. We live in a diverse culture where people are so loyal to the religions they belong to. Most of the people in America are Christians. Christians do not support abortion because they state it is against the religion. When we refer to the Holy Bible, Christians believe that it is a sin to take life of the unborn child. Instead of an abortion, we believe that the mother should carry the child to full term and after delivery put the baby for adoption. That way a life is saved and not harmed. Doctors do take Oath which states that "Do not harm," so when Doctors allow abortions they so not practice what they teach, and this act is unprofessional and unethical.



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