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Important to Maintain Military Discipline

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Essay Preview: Important to Maintain Military Discipline

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To Start this I wanna talk about why it is important to maintain Military discipline. Military discipline just like everything else in this world is totally different from being in the civilian world. Here are some reasons why I think so. One is the fact to maintain military discipline you have to keep your mouth shut and not tell what is on your mind because that is against the rules so to speak. The more I think about what I am writing I find some of this disrespectful so let me tell you now that there is no disrespect meant at all about this essay. I guess you could say this is what it looks like on my end of the road. The best way to explain military discipline is with the seven army values. Loyalty Bear true faith and allegiance to the U.S. constitution, the Army, and other soldiers. Be loyal to the nation and its heritage. I was not fulfilling loyalty when I was late because I was not being loyal to you when you gave me a set time to be here. Duty Fulfill your obligations. Accept responsibility for your own actions and those entrusted to your care. Find opportunities to improve oneself for the good of the group. It is my duty to be on time and get the work done that is set before me. Respect Rely upon the golden rule. How we consider others reflects upon each of us, both personally and as a professional organization. I did not show the proper respect for my higher when I was told to do something and disregarded anyways. Selfless Service Put the welfare of the nation, the Army, and your subordinates before your own. Selfless service leads to organizational teamwork and encompasses discipline, self-control and faith in the system. I do not show selfless service because of my attitude. Honor Live up to all the Army values. Integrity Do what is right, legally and morally. Be willing to do what is right even when no one is looking. It is our "moral compass" an inner voice. If I showed integrity I would not even be in the situation I am in now. And last but not least for the seven army values is Personal Courage our ability to face fear, danger, or adversity, both physical and moral courage. I can actually say for myself that I do have personal courage. I know I have a lot of work to do especially with the seven army values. It may look like I do not care but I really do. So I am going to try my hardest to fix everything I can to become more high speed. I am sure it seems by now what you have read you are probably ready to beat in my face and like I said before this essay is not intended to make you mad or upset at me. I figure I could just let it all out now and get it out of the way. So I can move on and get the job done. Back on topic with military discipline this is a very hard topic for me because it is what I lack most and it does show. What military discipline means to me is show proper respect for anybody higher ranking then me. That pretty much includes everybody right now. Also make sure I am on time and in the proper uniform, not only in the proper uniform but also make sure my uniform is clean and presentable at all times. I need to learn just to bite my tongue and take an ass chewing every now and then. I need to not complain about the job that that is set before me and just get it done with no questions about it. If my superiors did not think I could complete a task that they set before me they would not make me do it in the first place. Like I said before there is a lot I need to learn and develop and I should look to mu higher for advice and when they give me advice I need to actually use it. Lately I just walk around and when I get yelled at I just say roger sergeant but in my head I would love to actually be able to say what I am thinking but I know if I do I will be disrespecting a noncommissioned officer. Well to some up military discipline it is something I really need to work on and something I think everybody should take into consideration when they speak to someone. I also think once I get this military discipline down I will be way more of a better soldier. Being in the military and how you speak to someone or how you present yourself is way different then being in the civilian world so to say. I am not saying it is a bad thing it is just different from what you are taught when you were not in the military. I think if I were in the army longer I would be able to adapt to the military much better. I understand after the conversation we had earlier that you are not out to get me but you are just trying to help me out. After you said you were pretty much the same way that I am back when you were a joe shows me that I can make something of myself I just have to get on the ball right now.

My next topic is taken responsibility for my own actions. This is a great topic for me because not only in the army but also in the civilian world I always push blame to someone else instead of being accountable for my action. I do not think before I act and then when I get caught up in a mess I blame someone else to get out of the pickle that I put myself in. I think it is because I am still young even though that is not an excuse but I still have a lot to learn in life. Once I start taken responsibility for my own actions I think it will make me a better person in the long run and not only show people that I can be responsible for everything that I do. Also I think that it will make me think more about what I am about to do and all the consequences that it will turn into. I know that I need to work on all of this it is just going to take time before I can actually show all of this because right now I am in a very deep hole and I keep digging myself deeper with every action that I do. So once I start showing that I can be responsible for my own actions I will be more trusted in this unit. I am sure by now I am repeating myself a lot I think it is because I am running out of things to say. I think maybe why I do not care most of the time is because I do not think I have a conscience which is bad because that means when I get in trouble I do not care or even think for a second on how it is going to affect someone else. Now I will talk about why it is important to be on time in the United Sates Army. I could write a bunch of excuses on why I was late but the fact of the matter is, there is no excuse. In life and especially in the Army you have to understand that there are consequences for every action that you take, and no matter if there is an excuse you always have to remember that there are no excuses in life. When I am late I risk letting my battle buddies and noncommissioned officer s down. If there is important information that I need to know at a certain time and I show up late I risk not knowing the things I need to know. For example if I was told to be up at the TOC to get information on a mission and I showed up late and missed that information, I could be putting my battle buddies in danger. Or when I am told to be on time for extra



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