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Military Discipline

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Disrespecting superiors breaks the moral by spreading negativity thorughout the army ranks which cause lack of discipline and with the army changing; discipline is one of the harderst things to keep up intact. When orders and duties are given they are to be done by those in the lower ranks. In the military the chain of command is the line of authority and responsibility along which orders are passed withing a military unit and between different units. Orders are transmitted down from a higher ranked soldier to a lower ranked personnel, without respect or discipline involved, this would cause a breakdown between the unit and orders or duties will n ot be accomplished. This provedes a method of showing a respect as well as maintaining the integretity of the organization. NCO's and their soldiers must have the confidence that their unit can accomplish essential combat skills to standard, with discipline a unit can have confidence that they can accomplish essential combat skills to standard. Having confidence brings the moral up by soldiers having confidence in their leaders and themselves.

When an individual enters the Army life, they become soldiers, soldiers who are taught to be discipline. Being discipline simply means the understanding of our tasks and obeying our orders because our fellow soldiers and leaders depend on us todo so. The purpose of discipline is to make us soldiers well trained, to ensure we are in the correct uniform at all times, to follow orders, or to repeat tasks until they are done correctly. Discipline is a specific form of instructions which develop self-control, character, and efficiency. Discipline is the most important thing in order to ensure the efficency of the military organization. With no discipline, there is no trust or respect and how can we trust someone who has no respect, therefore, it can bring the moral down of anrmy unit since disciplin is very important anywhere and everywhere.

As and army unit we are to have confidence with who we wrok with, have respect for eachother, have communication so our duties and missions can get accomplish. Discipline is not only just following orders or giving just punishments for doin the "wrong thing" but is something leaders and soldiers built together. Discipline is a must have in ourselves in order to have selfess service, to do our duty, to have personal courage as well as loyalty and honor and it takes discipline to respect, wich end up being the seven army values, that enables us to see what is right or wrong in any situation. While respect is one of the army values, discipline is needed for all of them. Discipline is to do what is right even if it is difficult, it is to accomplish a task well, not because of fear to get punish but because of pride in oneself. For the army to work properly there must be a bond between the leader and these being led, a bond that rests not on authority alone but a professionalism,



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