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International Business Communication

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Essay Preview: International Business Communication

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Good morning class,

Today we will discuss the manner in which languages affect International Business Communication. The first topic that we will cover will be in regard to High and Low Context language. All of us have unknowingly used this High and Low style of communication; because as the saying goes, "we say what we mean and we mean what we say" so there is really nothing to add or read in to this message; this is deemed Low Context. (Communication tools for, 2003) While at other times we imply, insinuate, infer or pass on non verbal cues, that even if we do not physically speak, we should be understood. To better grasp the difference, ask these questions; "do I let my words speak for themselves"? Or "am I less direct, or do I depend on what is insinuated by my communication"? This is known as Low Context. Is my preference an indirect form of speak, or do I relate to the whole range of non verbal as well as verbal communication, to give greater clarity and give insight into the actual meaning of what is said? This is viewed as High Context. (Communication tools for, 2003) We will now investigate Language Diversity; this speaks to the many different dialects and accents, along with the individual variations that are present within a given language. Verbal interaction on the other hand can be broken down into specific areas such as:

(1) Self Disclosure - a conversational or verbal exchange in which one person tells another person something about his or her self.

(2) Ritual Conversation - patterns of everyday conversation commonly repeated, according to a given situation.

(3) Repartee Exchange - rapid conversation that is concise, where each participant takes turns speaking.

(4) Verbal Dueling - a verbal confrontation where two or more people try to gain dominance by throwing non-serious insults.

Non Verbal Communication is actually thought patterns, such types as:

(1) Inductive Reasoning - a type of logic that shifts from ideas and general, to conclusions or specific elements.

(2) Deductive Reasoning - this logic form shifts from ideas and general thoughts, to specific elements, then to conclusions. (language and diversity, 2012)

Effects of Language in Intercultural Communications: Conversational Taboos

(1) Be aware of any word that implies that all members of a race are the same such as: "Why cant Phil ever be on time, think about it, he's African American (black) isn't he?"

(2) Avoid unessential racial identification- use Judy is an outgoing student, rather than Judy is an outgoing African American student.

(3) Politics - If you have strong thoughts or feelings in this area, kindly keep it to yourself.

(4) Sex - continual talk on gender issues or views are very inappropriate in the workplace. Anything that can be viewed as rude, lewd, or misconstrued is trouble waiting to arrive at the HR door in the form of sexual harassment.

(5) Never speak of power, status or money - this conversation always leads to comparisons of unfairness.(language and diversity, 2012)

Non Verbal Communication

This form of communication is very important and it also differs from one culture to the next. For Instance:

(1) Eye contact - in the West is admirable, it denotes honesty and attentiveness, but in cultures such as Asia,



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