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International Conflicts - North Vs South Korea

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Essay Preview: International Conflicts - North Vs South Korea

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In the world today ongoing conflicts effect the lives of millions of people across our plant.These conflicts range from civil wars to mistreatment of citizens, poverty, and most of all the threat of war, or worst case nuclear inhalation. Nuclear threats is some thing that is not new to North America or even the rest of the world. North America lived in fear during the cold war era and still continues to, now in post Cold War times, the threat is still very real. However, it has become very apparent that people living in Asian counties should still fear nuclear attacks for the main reason that the treat is still extremely apparent to them. North korea has been trying to advance its nuclear weapon program by testing weapons of mass destruction and long distance rockets, leaving all of the neighboring countries to live in threat. North Korea has proven to the international community that they do not care what anyone else thinks about its nuclear program its set on possessing a Nuclear bomb.

On August 6, 1945, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. It killed and wounded approximately 130,000 people. Three days later, the United States bombed Nagasaki. Of the 286,00 people residing there during the time of the blast, 74,000 were killed and another 75,000 sustained severe injuries. Japan soon agreed to surrender, which resulted in the end of World War II. This was the effect of a small nuclear bomb. Technological advancements have made the production of larger bombs easier than the production was sixty years ago. Nuclear technology has caused an arms race between the United States and the Soviet Union and now Russia, this was the Cold War and both countries feared mutual destruction. In the Mid 1950s Kim Jong, Dictator of North Korea initiated a quest for nuclear weapons, in part to counter nuclear threats from the United States . In July 1955, members of the DPRK (The Democratic People's Republic of Korea) Academy of Sciences attended a nuclear energy conference in Moscow. In 1956, the DPRK signed an agreement on nuclear research with the USSR. At about the same time the USSR was helping China with its nuclear program also, beginning China's Nuclear Power program. In 1965 The Ussr Sold the DPRK two small nuclear reactors and thus jump starting the Korean nuclear program. India had a similar attempt at using nuclear power and it was made possible using bits gathered from other countries, the fueled Korean attempts because it really was possible to succeed in producing a nuclear weapon with gathered pieces from other countries.

Most of the world is now aware that North Korea is set on possessing an nuclear weapon of some kind, "In June 2008, North Korea handed over reams of documents containing detailed information about its nuclear program to international negotiators" This raised Major Concerns in the international community .The issue with this is that the major cause in conflict between North and South Korea and other Asian countries such as China and Japan. Japan and South Korea should fear an attack the most since they are in very close proximity to North Korea. The Democratic People's Republic of Korea has not yet thought to have developed a intense missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. However, its second nuclear test has added to fears that Pyongyang is moving closer to becoming a fully-fledged nuclear-armed state. In October 2009, North Korea successfully tested an nuclear weapon at an underground site, this test was said to be better then the test that took place in 2006. An Earth Quake was detected at an South Korean location giving prove that and actual explosion took place, it was believed to be at the same location as the 2006 test cite. This proof raised major concerns, despite attempts from the international community to disarm North Korea, it does not seem to have much effect on the country. North Korea is at a point now where they have absolutely no allies. There are pretty much a rugue state that seems to do what ever they please. This is why surrounding countries show fear North Korea, despite some estimates that say the North only have enough plutonium to produce five of six Nuclear weapons since the shut down of there major plutonium production plant. "North Korea's October 9, 2006 test of a nuclear device demonstrated its ability to produce a nuclear yield, but the test fell short of the success necessary to field a credible nuclear arsenal."

North Korea has started in its own, sense an arms race to have Nuclear weapons. The International world sot to de- nuclerize North korea And felt they were a threat to South Korea and surrounding countries. The North Refused Inspectors into there nuclear facilities raising questions to the fact if North Korea was Producing (WMD) weapons of mass destruction. The international fear stems from the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centers. The world feared another racial attack was possible, and rightfully so. This was almost an arms raise for North Korea as they were attempting to Produce (WMD'S) without having safe and proper facilities to produce and handle the nuclear material, to compete with other world powers in having nuclear capabilities and modern weapon systems. The International community felt very strongly against about the North Korean advancement



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