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Internet Addiction

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The Internet is a whole different world then what we live in. Also known as the World Wide Web, the Internet can help you find, buy, or sell literally anything you want, well besides your kids. Some people find the Internet so fascinating that they are glued to the computer monitor all day and night. But what about when they start becoming addicted to the Internet, and websites? Here I will explain how one may first begin to like a certain website or online game, then how they start to become more addicted to it, to finally becoming an Internet junkie! Also I will explain the disadvantages of becoming an addict and what I think may be the solution to stopping your addiction.

Today one of the most popular sites on the Internet is Facebook. It is a website where people connect, share pictures, and talk to each other. There are also many websites like Facebook where people can connect on. One may find themselves at first enjoying the website, meeting new people, and reconnecting with old friends. That alone can make someone addicted to the website there on, constantly looking for a mate, or trying to see how many friends they can get on their page. Enjoying the satisfaction of having people to talk to online is only the beginning of the addiction, you then find yourself always constantly checking your page.

Now that you are familiar with your website, you now have enough friends on your site to distract you from other tasks you can be doing. You find yourself constantly on your page, instead of doing more productive things like homework or finding a job. Once you start putting the Internet in front of more important tasks you can be doing that's when you should know you are officially addicted!

So what is so bad about becoming an Internet junkie? I mean it's not like you're addicted to drugs, which could ruin your life, right? Wrong. You would be surprised on how easily you can lose your job or ruin a relationship by being an Internet addict. Take a job for example, your boss gives you deadlines on some work he or she may need done. Instead of getting to work on this assignment you're on your favorite website chatting along. Then when you finally remember about your assignment it's too late to hand it in. Or your lover may get tired of you spending more time on the Internet then with them. I have actually seen TV shows where people leave their partners because they are sick of them always on the computer gaming, or on whatever site it may be. The disadvantages can be more serious then one may think.

So how can you stop or lighten your addiction? One may say to completely deactivate your membership on whatever site you are on, and that may be the only way for some people. I mean the Internet is a helpful resource, and the advantages on being an Internet user are very good. However, if you find yourself being an actual addict, and see that your Internet addiction is basically



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