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Addiction Case - Marijuana

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Essay Preview: Addiction Case - Marijuana

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Here are some things to think about the next time you are asked to take a "hit" of marijuana. 1. It's illegal, although only a citation in twelve states, in the other thirty eight states possession of marijuana ranges from a misdemeanor to a felony with jail time. 2. Its driving hazard, marijuana impairs your coordination, motor abilities, and perception; driving under its influence can be dangerous even life-threatening. 3. It's addictive, according to institute of medicine "your brain develops a tolerance to cannabis"..a group of compounds related to THC, marijuana's main psychoactive ingredient. This means that over time some people may need to do more pot to get the same :high". Nine percent of young users will get addictive in other word you will have cravings, withdrawals, restless, irritability, nausea, cramps and mild agitation. 4. It's an anesthetic, it numbs your mind so kids with big problems are very attracted to this drug. Pot users escape from problems instead of learning the right way to deal with them. It threatens physical health. There are plenty of short-term health risks. Marijuana make you feel sleepy, loose coordination. Have trouble remembering and learning, have increases appetite and pulse rate(Jeffries"2,3,4,5,6).

Crack and cocaine use changes the way a person acts and thinks. Because cocaine has extremely powerful, and exhilarating, effects, individuals that use the drug can develop dependence after a very short period of time. Research has shown that in many cases, the pattern of dependence begins to form with the first use. As we noted previously individuals with cocaine dependence often develop condition responses to cocaine-related stimuli, such as the craving for cocaine on seeing any white powder like sub-withdrawal as the users brain and body try to adjust to adjust to the absence of cocaine, but they can rescue at interval for long periods of time and often contribute to relapse("Homles"3,6). Federal law passes by congress in 1986 still mandatory minimum sentence of possessing five hundred of five grams of fat. The most important difference between crack and powder is that crack is cheaper, it is used by black. 85% of those in prison is for crack. Last month the supreme court that a federal judge was free to set aside sentencing guidelines that imposed much stiffer penalties for crack-cocaine offenses than for crime in cocaine("Anonymous"2,3,1). The first step a user experiences when he or she tries to quit if withdrawal which occurs within a few hours after ending or reducing cocaine use that has been heavy and prolonged. Body affects for cocaine can include increased heart and breathing rates, increases blood pressure, nausea and vomiting, weight loss, tremors or (shakes) over time. Cocaine use can lead to ulceration of the nasal membrane cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, lung damage and coma. Some of



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