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Introduction of Malaysia McDonald's Website

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Essay Preview: Introduction of Malaysia McDonald's Website

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Introduction of Malaysia McDonald's Website

The nature of Malaysia McDonald's website is a marketing, branding, positioning site with its products and company introduction. The purpose of Malaysia McDonald's website is to reflect its business personality and let its customers to have more interaction with it and also let them experience something that is valuable for them in the website.

Malaysia McDonald's website adopts hierarchical navigation system, which means the visitors can browse the website from general to specific area and could easily go from the home page to other area of the website and back again. The goal of Malaysia McDonald's website using hierarchical navigation system is to offer the user a clearer and simple way to access all pages in the site.

In the McDonald's website, the visitors can understand and comprehend what are Malaysia McDonald correlative products, services, marketing, sponsorship, locators, contacts and franchising requirement. Any information that the visitors want to gain or know can be obtain full detail in the website, and if the visitors want to have a delivery service, they could also interact in the website.

Comparison of McDonald's Website and Burger King's Website in Malaysia

In this report, we concentrate on comparing the website of McDonald and Burger King in Malaysia. If we compare McDonald's website with KFC's website, then the situation will be like comparing an apple with an orange which is unreasonable. Although they are both fast-food restaurant, but McDonald is famous for their burger while KFC concentrates on selling foods correlate with chicken so we focus on the comparison of McDonald's website with Burger King's website only.

Target audience of McDonald Website

The target audience of Malaysia McDonald is the normal consumers who like burger, family, night-owls, sport enthusiast, stakeholders and job seekers.

For normal customer, the website offers information of McDonald fast and efficient fast-food service with nutrition that McDonald foods provide to its consumers or customers. The website will update its products on the website periodic and allows the consumers to know about the new products that McDonald launched.

Malaysia major population is Malay and their embrace is Islam, so they only can eat foods that are certified Halal standard, therefore, the website has a section that displays the ingredient of Malaysia McDonald to attract the awareness of Islamic consumers. Besides that, the website also displays the quality ingredient of McDonald that they use in its product, so, this can enhance the trust and confidence of consumers to McDonald when they consume McDonald products.

For family, Malaysia McDonald's website has a section called "Kid's Zone". There are three categories for this link such as Ronald McDonald kids club, birthday party and Ronald's world. Through the kids' club, kids can apply for the McDonalds's member card by just downloading the application form from the website and they can enjoy many benefits when they become a member of the kids' club. One of the benefits is McDonalds will organize birthday parties where they do all the planning, decor, food and allows the children to have a memorable memory. The third link of kids' club is the Ronald's world. It briefly introduces the McDonald's characters and how McDonald pays consciousness on every children future. Depending on the contribution that McDonald dedicates to children, this enables the whole family to become a patron of McDonald.

For the night-owls', those who don't want to dine outside or can't find food late at night, they can surf the McDonald's website and look for the contact number of McDonald's delivery service because the delivery service of McDonald is 24hours. This is the convenience offered by McDonald to the night-owl and also those who don't want to dine outside. So, the night owls do not need to worry about the difficulties of finding food middle of the night when they feel hungry. In Burger King's website, we can't find such information, so the nocturnal website surfer will prefer McDonald's website.

For sport enthusiasts, McDonald's website provides the information of 2008 Beijing Olympic that McDonald has been sponsoring for in a measure. Thereby, this information will arouse the awareness of sport enthusiasts, because this sponsorship gives McDonald an image of not only a fast-food restaurant merely but also a restaurant that will integrate into our life. In Burger King's website, we can't find any activities that Burger King sponsors for, so Burger King Website is more to commercial website.

For stakeholders, the website offers information of its employee welfare and strong branding image of McDonald, so this enhances the consciousness of those who are looking for a job in franchise McDonald trademark. The website also provides a main section of "franchising" for those who are interested in franchising a McDonald outlet, so potential investors or stakeholders can obtain correlative information from the subsection of "franchise opportunity" provided by McDonald.

For jobseekers, McDonald official website had provide the information of vacancies and requirement for each job, because major of Malaysia McDonald outlets employee is part-timers, so McDonald be anxious to seek full-timers further and offer an easy way to the job seekers when looking for a job in Malaysia McDonald official website.

Message that McDonald website tries to convey

Being the world and Malaysia's largest chain of fast food restaurant, McDonald is trying to use its website in Malaysia to convey or express the information of its products, services, brand image and marketing scale. McDonald offers a variety of products and services as a way to penetrate and infiltrate the communities. The website gives information of diversiform products in order to cater for all the needs, wants and demands stem from consumers. In that way, customers can get the current information through this website.

In the home page of Malaysia McDonald's website, we can see a section of "highlight". This part consists of advertisements or promotions launched by McDonald and occupy a major part of home page, because advertisement and promotion are indispensable marketing mix to meet the needs of heterogeneous consumers,



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