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McDonald in Malaysia

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Mcdonald in Malaysia

Initially the idea of fast foods marketing from McDonalds is more likely to target on kids and young urban adults who like to try something new, fast, simple and interesting. Marketing campaign and associating with merchandise from popular cartoons seems to be a reliable strategy. Kids are encouraged to eat at McDonalds because influence from advertising as exposure of this advertising coverage is getting wider as our nation progress. More and more families have at least one television set at home, and without doubt these growing children is most likely influenced by television advertising from McDonalds. Earlier McDonalds and Disney have a unique marketing alliance for toys merchandising associated with Happy Meals set. Toys give a away is a good bet for both company as Disney wants to make profit from its toys or cartoon character while McDonalds try to increase sales volume to kids target group by associating to popular culture. Income increase in families will also increase the opportunity to buy the McDonalds food package. Ronald McDonald is a mascot created together with other set of characters such as Hamburglar, Grimace, Birdie and Fry Gals and Guys, which is fun loving, caring and lovely characters for kids around the world.

Young adults and teenagers still are a major target groups for McDonalds but these groups of peoples have a swift changing trends and preferences. In early stage, McDonalds seems to be a great and popular hangout place for students and teenagers. However, as people age and grown up, the McDonald's image and strategies has been question. McDonalds want to grow and move along together with its customers from young and morphing to the new generation. That is the motive McDonalds launched the "Forever Young" branding in 2006, which is major change over of image since 1970. Design, themes and restaurant layout has changed to spot more contemporary and chic's look such as redesign of its logo, Wi-Fi Connection, spotting less plastic and more brick and woods design, television, specialized section such as for families seating and also those who celebrate party at McDonalds, better lightings and new products introduction that suits current lifestyle or taste. It is openly that McDonald's wants to have distinguished themes compare to other competitors and has a better retention of customers whom visit the restaurant outlets.alds target group is not just a mere fast food consumer but is more likely to change to be provider of family restaurant. McDonalds wants its customer base to be consisted from all lifestyle, age and different culture so it does not being stereotyped just a restaurant for kids and teenager. The seating layout, the food menu and themes redesigned to cater for more family oriented environment where all can eat at McDonalds whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. Not surprisingly, McDonalds is the pioneer among the big fast food operator for providing breakfast especially in its 24hours service restaurant. It positioned itself through revitalization of branding process such as the new image I'm Lovin' it' which every countries in the globe speaking the same language as they experience McDonalds throughout their life and how it McDonalds fit into their life. With increasing care for healthy lifestyle and growing concern from public action group around the world criticizing fast food or junk food, McDonalds is quick changing itself to target more on healthy and nutritious food segment with constant reminder and information provide on balance food intake through websites and also it's mascot, Ronald McDonalds.

In conclusion, McDonalds target groups are not just from one segment but it is evolving more to a family oriented restaurant and people from all walks of life. Previously is more popular among the kids and teenagers but the concept is now more to cater the family, young adults and people from all culture and lifestyle. With changing of its direction and branding, McDonalds has position itself better than other competitors to be a healthy family restaurant providing good foods to all, rather than just a fast food operator.

2. Success of the company depends on the actors in the company microenvironment such as the company itself, supplier, marketing intermediaries, customers, competitors and publics. McDonalds is not different from any other company because the microenvironments factors can affect the operation or its sales.

The Company

The most important factor comes from the internal company or precisely the management itself. Marketing managers must work closely with other department to come out with a strong marketing plan to boost McDonalds sales and efficiency of the operation. For example, the company management has a clear goals regarding importance of retaining customers by offering satisfaction to all its customers. This is not just the efforts alone from Marketing Department but involves hard work, cooperation and understanding from various parties. Customer Delight program may have been initiated by Marketing people but Human Resources Department must also involved providing substantial training to all McDonald's staff. Finance department must analyze closely on the cost benefits for the marketing programs initiated and purchasing must work closely with supplier to ensure the marketing plan is on track with the management intension. Therefore, it is clear the actors within company must work closely together to ensure the marketing meets its objective. The top management must also have clear goals on the future direction of the company, have well laid plan and clear understanding of the ever-changing business environment.


Supplier is an important actor in the relation with McDonalds and its consumer. To have a good, continuous and no disruption supply, McDonalds must build a strong relationship with the suppliers. McDonalds must also consider that in the business market environment, it is competing with other fast food operators. Any strike, supply shortages and increasing of prices in market must be monitored closely by McDonalds to ensure it will not affect its bottom line performance. Simple economic rules, the more the input cost, the more the company's overall cost and pricing will be and thus it affect the volume of sales to customers. However, pricing is not as important as close relationship and integration that McDonalds must achieve with vendors to ensure sustainability of

Marketing Intermediaries

Marketing intermediaries are company that helps other company to promote, sell and distribute the goods to final buyers. McDonalds is a franchise-based



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