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Website Paper - Howobamagotelected

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The incredibly republican website, www.howobamagotelected.com, is webpage dedicated to a film by John Ziegler, How Obama got elected and Palin was Targeted. The webpage has a typical layout and navigation system, with the toolbar on the left side. The links on the toolbar either lead to leaks from the movie or information about John Ziegler. It is easy to navigate and simple to read. The webpage specifically targets slightly hardcore republicans that have a chip on their shoulder from the election of President Obama. The webpage has the latest information about John Ziegler and any article he authors. The last link was from September 6, 2010. The webpage has a few non-opinionated comments and article links, but for the most part is extremely biased. I would not recommend this website to anyone and I see nothing unique about this webpage that has not already been posted somewhere else.

Within the webpage there were many opinions posted about how the media swayed the election and put Obama in office. Also about how the media put Palin in flames and burned her reputation. As for any real facts on the webpage it is debatable that I learned anything new or intriguing. The continuous bash on the media and how they put a play on their words is nothing new to me. I agree with them on that part, but then but John Ziegler then began to say that his media source was right, which is a proven fact that it is not. His source being Fox News. The webpage was not educating or interesting.

I feel that the designers and writers tried too hard to be persuasive and therefore forced a lot of visitors to the webpage to immediately press the back button. The only reason why I would recommend this webpage to a friend and or stranger would be to show them how completely off kilter it is. Also to add to the ruin of this already crumbling webpage, there is nothing that is unique to this website at all! It is the same typical webpage that tries to shove a radical view straight down the windpipes of self-identity.

As for being biased, the webpage follows the definition of bias to the point. It was written, designed, and is full of radical republican views and articles. But to say something for this webpage, it should be very biased webpage, just because the point it is trying to prove. They have every right to criticize the media and how they portrayed Palin, McCain, and Obama. As for the other opinions of the webpage, that is their "opinion" and they can try to convince as many as possible to side with them. Obviously they have done a good job at it because the movie is on backorder and it does not release till October 2010.

The website, www.howobamagotelected.com, is webpage that has been dedicated to a film by John Ziegler, How Obama got elected and Palin was Targeted. The webpage has a few non-opinionated comments and article links,



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