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Introduction to International Business

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Essay Preview: Introduction to International Business

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MGMT220 Introduction to International Business

Asynchronous Assignment Term Paper Introduction

By Tianna Mitchell

March 27,

©American Intercontinental University

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Student's Signature: Tianna Mitchell

Assignment Name: ____Term Paper Introduction

Course Number: MGMT 220

Course Name: Introduction to International Business

Course Term: Q2, 2011


Company: Bank of America

Industry: Banking

Regions of Operations: U.S and Canada/ Europe/ Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa/ Latin America

In trying to understand the economic downturn and ways to achieve economic growth, one must look to the source of the problem. The global meltdown began with the banking industry, which almost grinded business' to a halt, the result the world largest scale depression seen since the great depression. In attempts to understand the causes and effects of the banking farce, researching one of the world's leading global financial investment institutions Bank of America. Bank of America is one of the world's global leaders in the financial investment industry. The financial institution specializes in investment banking and trading. Among the world's top wealth management companies Bank of America operates in the world's top regions such as, the U.S and Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. Operations differ from region to region depending on trade laws and regulations.


Moynihan, B (2011) Corporate Overview. Retrieved from http://www.corp.bankofamerica.com



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