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Is Cheating Nessasary

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I believe cheating is a disloyal act that leads to personal gain. Cheating leads to a loss of trust, and a loss of moral content.

Cheating in relationships is an infidelity, or an act of adultery. I believe that by cheating your not only hurting your loyality, your also hurting your spouse and their view of others. I had always been a fan of LeAnn Rimes, until I heard about her beliefs describing hookups with Eddie Cibrian were only due to the fact her and her husband were growing apart. Not only did she ruin her Marriage with Dean, but Eddie was a father of two, and destroyed his family. If her and Dean were growing apart, she should have done the mature thing and gotten divorced, and left Eddie and his family in peace. LeAnn's infidelities resulted in the disruption of Dean's sense of relationships and women, while ruining an entire family to only crave her satisfaction.

In schools tests are used to show students personal progress on a subject. From those scores they accumulated a schools average, and base a school's progress, strengths, and weaknesses. By cheating you mess with not only your progress, but the schools progress as a whole. When schools go back to reteach subjects they notice students struggle on, if one subject has a lower amount of students struggling on they won't put as much effort in reteaching it, in reality making it harder for you to learn te circulum you need to know.

I believe that cheating is unnecessary due to the fact that it involves gain for one from the lack of another. In reality, benefiting from your deceiving lies and actions towards another is just a disloyal act, that should be punished instead of praised. No one person should have to suffer for one's benefit. It in term just breaks one down, and hurts the abused. Why would you want to suffer? Why would you want to lessen your education? Why would you want to ruin someones ideas of relationship? Cheating does not benefit anyone or anything, and therefore is generally unnecessary.



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