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Jack the Ripper

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Jack The Ripper

Jack the Ripper, probably the most famous serial killer in Europe's history and possibly of all time. He took 5 victims lives over the coarse of three months, and all of the murders occurred in the East End of London England. The 6 victims that Jack the Ripper brutally murdered were all female prostitutes that worked the streets of Whitechapel. Jack the Ripper was not the first Serial Killer, but the media covered his murder cases and this was a time where most of England was literate so this was the first murder that was covered by the media.

There was also said to be a Royal Conspiracy behind Prince Albert Victor and the Jack Ripper Murders. But there is no real evidence behind the conspiracy to say otherwise. There might have been a 6th Ripper murder but no one was able to prove that Jack the Ripper was the murder. Her name was Martha Tambram and she was murdered on the 7th of August 1888. She was also a Prostitute in Whitechapel, and she took one of her customers down to George Yard. George Yard according to East London Advertiser was one of the most dangerous streets on London. Which made it a good place for private quick sex acts for prostitutes. She was found dead early the next mourning with thirty-nine stab wounds ranging from her throat to her lower abdomen. But no one is really sure of this was the first of the Jack the Ripper serial killings.

The first known murder victim of Jack the Ripper was Mary Nichols. She was discovered at 3:40am August 31st by Charles Cross making his way to work on Bucks Row. There wasn't much lighting on Bucks Row so at first he couldn't make out what exactly he saw lying on the ground. As he drew closer he realized it was a women that was either dead or drunk, it was too dark for him to notice that her throat had been cut. So he left her there and proceeded onto work and told the first police officer he saw of the women. As soon as the officer came to inspect the women he was able to see that he throat had been sliced and she had been dead for less than an hour.

Annie Chapman was the second victim of Jack the Rippers murders. Her body was found around 6:00 am by and elderly man by the name of John Davis whom loved on the 3rd floor of No.29. After finding Annie he quickly went to find help and he came across 3 gentlemen James Green, James Kent and Henry Holland. The three men followed John Davis to Annie's body where they found her with her throat cut like Mary Nichols lying in a pool of blood. After being stunned by the sight of Annie's body, the 4 men split up to find the closest police officer. John Davis went to the closest police station and demanded to see the Chief Officer. By the time John Davis and Chief Inspector Chandler reached Annie there was already a large crowd surrounded the body. Chief Inspector Chandler demanded her body be removed from the publics viewing.

Elizabeth Stride was the third victim of Jack the Ripper. It rained quite heavily the night of Elizabeth's death. She was seen with a man the night before she died taking shelter under an overhang from the rain. A witness who say Elizabeth and this man said that the man was about 5" 11" about 35 yrs old, a moustache, and wore a dark over coat with a black felt hat. This is said to be possibly be the description of Jack the Ripper. Her body was discovered at 1am with her throat cut jus like all the previous victims.

The second to last victim was Catherine Eddowes. The last man she was said to be seen with is a similar description of the last sighting of Elizabeth Stride. The man had a moustache but this man was a little shorter than the last Elizabeth's description. And this man was said to look like a sailor, and the clothes she was sighted in with him was the same clothes she was murdered in. She was found dead face up at 2am, her throat was cut and her intestines were hanging out of her body. Dr.



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