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Duties of Hr Manager & Jack Welch at Ge

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Essay Preview: Duties of Hr Manager & Jack Welch at Ge

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The preparation and recommendation of written policies relating man-power management which embodies sound principles of employee relations designed to achieve the overall objectives of the organization.

2. the development and maintenance of training programs and employee development which are designed to provide facilities for each individual to achieve the maximum level of self development,

3. The constant evaluation and follow up of personnel policies and practices to assure that such practices conform to the basic intent of the policy.

4. The development of communication technique that will assure the effective flow of information between management and the work force are within the management.

5. The provision of counsel to management which will further establish and maintain sound relationship within the organization as well as public and other groups whose activities effect the organization

How would you feel about setting unrealistic (stretch) objectives?

Setting unrealistic objectives would be no harm for a certain organization for they may achieve it in their way. But in this case, the organization must be well-prepared for any floss whenever they couldn't achieve these goals. Alternatives ideas are important for this kind of situation.

The approach might improve GE but it is not certain because some of these may cause minor problems from the changes it gets. A good example of this is the SIX SIGMA approach mention from the text in which they rank the managers from highest and lowest 10. The goal of this approach was to set the top bottom to improve their skills to be able to get on top. But a problem may occur in this system. A competition may take place and it may cause too much pressure for the people under the bottom list.



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