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Jane Eyre and Blanche Ingram P.E.E Paragraphs

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Essay Preview: Jane Eyre and Blanche Ingram P.E.E Paragraphs

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Appearance- We can tell by the descriptions of Jane and Blanche that Blanche is more honourable and beautiful. In chapter 16 Mrs Fairfax is admiring and praising Blanche Ingram. She says: "Blanche is beautiful, exotic with a long graceful neck, olive complexion..." This shows that Blanche is extremely respected and is also adorable. However, although Jane is respected by most, she is not particularly attractive. Unlike Blanche Jane is very plain, pale and simple. Furthermore she herself does not think she is pretty. On page 99 she says "sometimes I regretted I was not handsomer" This shows modesty in the way Jane feels about her appearance. In conclusion Blanche appearance is by far better than Jane's.

Talents- Blanche and Jane both have wonderful talents in different areas. Jane's talents are painting and teaching. Mr Rochester praises her by saying "In a short time she has made much improvement". Mr Rochester is referring to Adele who is the pupil Jane teaches .This shows that Jane is a good teacher as she has made an effect on Adele in short time. Also, Mr Rochester, Jane's employer is pleased with how Jane does her job. Blanche, on the other hand, has other skills. Miss Ingram is exceedingly good at playing the piano and singing. Mr Rochester compliments her by saying her playing is "remarkably good." We know that this is true as Mrs Fairfax states that Mr Rochester is a judge of music. We also notice that Mr Rochester is not a person who compliments much. To summarise, both have excellent talents.

Personality- Miss Ingram and Miss Eyre's personalities are different. Miss Eyre has a better personality than Miss Blanche Ingram. Miss Ingram is very haughty and snobbish. When she meets Adele and Adele speaks French Miss Ingram says mockingly "oh what a little puppet!"She makes it clear she is not fond of children. She is also very insulting about governesses, knowing Jane can hear her comments when she talks to Mr Rochester. This shows she is rude and doesn't love. Furthermore Jane has a more pleasant character. When Mr Rochester tells Jane about Adele's tragic background, Jane says "I shall cling closer to her than before. "This shows Jane is very loving and caring towards children. To conclude it is clear that Jane has a better personality than Blanche.

Behaviour towards Mr R- Jane and Blanche behave very differently towards Mr. Rochester. Blanche is very flirtatious towards him she said to him "Mr. Rochester now sing and I will play for you."Blanche emphasises that she will be playing for Mr. Rochester. Jane on the other hand is very honest and outspoken with Mr Rochester, she tells him what she thinks is right and answers all his questions honestly. We know this because when Mr Rochester asks her "do you find me handsome?"Jane replies "no". This shows us that Jane is speaking what she believes.



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