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Japanese Assignment

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Japanexample which all other in the industry to follow. Nestlé can counter attacks on LC1 products in the North American markets with advertising campaigns that highlight their success in foreign markets, using real person testimonials to bolster their positions. Nestlé might also want to employee the help of professional athletes or movie stars to be spokesmen for their products, in hopes of gaining consumer support.

The third principal is "Deception and Foreknowledge" or war gaming and planning for surprise. For this I feel Nestlé should use the implication wheel as a form of war gaming. Because no other major food brand, including General Mills, has probiotic products, the weakness that Nestlé would be attacking would the lack of products that their competitors have to offer in the probiotic market. Nestlé's first attack should be to educate consumers to benefits of using probiotic products. This educational campaign should be backed with scientific support and with examples of success from the European market. It should be done through advertisements on television, at prime time and during popular sports events preferably, through the newspaper coupled with money saving coupons, and on the internet through links with health food websites. Nestlé should highlight the fact that while such things as obesity and fast food are slowly decreasing the healthy and eating habits of North Americans, LC1 provides products that are healthy, good tasting, which also help improve the body's functions. It would beneficial to LC1 success if popular athletes or movie stars were hired to endorse the products.



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