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John Allen Muhammad

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DC Sniper were John Allen Muhammad and His Teenaged Accomplice Lee Boyd Malvo, the two men were responsible for the the shooting murders, and robberies that took place in Alabama, Louisiana, Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC in 2002. Muhammad and Malvo drove around these areas in a 1990 Chevrolet Caprice pointing out their victims and turning the cities into a "Shooting gallery" of their very own. The murders were random, Police could not piece together who was behind them and why, but soon enough all the clues would come together and bring the killers out in the open. John Allen Muhammad was an engineer who

Lee Boyd Malvo was born in kingston Jamaica, he grew up without a father and his mother would always abandon him for months leaving him to look after himself. After Lee met John Allen Muhammad they became good friends Muhammad took Lee in as if he was his own son.

John Allen Muhammad was an engineer who lived in Tacoma with his wife and three children, owned a car repair business, wife devorced him after he started cheating.. kidnapped his kids after 15 months he was caught and his wife took full custody of his kids, he was not allowed to see them anymore. this was what he loved most and when he lost his kids this was what brought his anger out.

Muhammad started to train Malvo for months as part of his plan to taking back custody of his kids.. he trained Malvo to kill 5 months later Malvo killed a woman kenya cook as a test for Muhammad to see how loyal Malvo would be. the two murderers killed men women children anyone that passed their eye would have been a possible target.



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