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Johnson & Johnson

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Answering the second question whether the rating system is useful, what suggestions to improve the system?, It is useful and beneficial to the J & J to evaluate employees and provide feedback that is needed. Feedback will be very beneficial for employees who are valued and will give him a reason to do its work at the highest level to receive positive feedback. J & J needs to use a system in which there are more suggestions to be considered the best employees with employee performance improvement. Assume that all of the feedback provided by the evaluator 100% accurate, then this would be an ideal system. But nothing is perfect without flaws, then there is always the weakness of the system regardless of how it is.

Answering the question of anonymity, and whether it needs to be opened identity, in a situation like this, anonymity is very important. Do not let the data or the initials of Assessor uncovered, it will create new problems where internal conflicts could occur because of this problem. If the negative information it is possible that the employee does not want to accept that assessment, and they would consider it wrong assessment. If this condition occurs, and the identity of the appraiser is not a secret, then people who do not accept it will make a negative assessment also to those who judge, and this applies to all those who judge him negatively. then J & J should implement some type of selection process in which they can avoid this kind of situation.



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