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Paper on Cultural Diversity - Johnson & Johnson and Dell

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Essay Preview: Paper on Cultural Diversity - Johnson & Johnson and Dell

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Paper on Cultural Diversity

"Vital to the success of an organization effort is the role to support cultural diversity. Mostly, company attempts to put into practice the strategies by simply imposing it onto the corporation with little or no regard for existing networks, beliefs or working systems. And likewise, it is not difficult to recognize many examples where well-designed organization tools and procedures fail for the reason that people believed they were already sharing cultural values well adequate. Encouraging Culture diversity can broadly be defined as the shared values, viewpoint and practice of the people from dissimilar culture. It is reflected not only in observable features such as mission and espoused values, but also in less clear guises, such as in the way people act, or what they expect of each other. Because of these layers of culture, people can frequently act in ways conflicting with the organization's mission and values, but reliable with its underlying core values. Encouraging culture diversity is the furthest more objective of any successful company because it plays a very important role in achieving their goal. And the other benefit is this that it would help in maintaining up the world peace. Over here, we are describing 3 companies, that are very successful and they encourage cultural diversity in different ways.

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson, with around 101,800 employees, is the world's most inclusive and broadly based manufacturer of health care products, as well as a contributor of related services, for the customer, pharmaceutical and professional markets. Johnson & Johnson has more than 190 operating companies in 51 countries around the world, selling products in further than 175 countries. Johnson & Johnson named amongst the Hispanic Corporate 100, an international ranking of companies that provide financial and employment opportunities to Hispanics. The ranking was based on employment efforts, minority business initiatives and funding efforts for scholarships, grants and associations.

Johnson & Johnson build responsiveness and skills for managing multicultural labor force. Their employees learn different cultures' approaches to work, relationships, time, and exchange of information and because of this learning it affects outlooks and performance on the job. "I am delighted with our strong sales presentation in 2001 and our continued capability to deliver double-digit earnings growth," said Ralph S. Larsen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "Of particular note are the strong presentations of our Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices and employees of various cultures that lead to strong businesses." Mr. Larsen also stated, "Our investments in a broad



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