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Journal Entry 6: Believing in Yourself-Change Your Inner Conversation

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Essay Preview: Journal Entry 6: Believing in Yourself-Change Your Inner Conversation

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Journal 6

Journal Entry 6: Believing in Yourself-Change Your Inner Conversation

Write Journal Entry 6, by completing steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 on pg. 44 in your text.

Especially remember to copy the directions for each step (printed in color) into your journal before writing.

1) Write a sentence expressing a recent problem or event that upset you.

Recently I got upset because my mom had accused me of being lazy and not wanting to work and not having the motivation to chance my life situation.


IC1: Her accusations made me remember that I lost my house because I made the wrong choice of purchasing one in the wrong time. I was uninformed and made a hasty and rash decision to purchase without anticipating the consequences.

IG1: I lost my house but at least, I learned a lesson that I should assess and consult a professional before making decisions as important as investing in a house.

IC2: I wasted time and money on my extended family and they took advantage of me because I am gullible and easily taken advantage of.

IG2: I wasted time and money but at least I learned a valuable lesson which is don't over extend yourself and give when you can. Do what you can do. Think about my immediate family first and what beneficial to them before anyone else.

IC3: I am a loser for not being able to find a legitimate job with my degree.

IG3: I have no special training in a career that I would be happy in for an extended period of time, so I am going back to school to remedy that.

IC4: I feel as though I can't fit anything else into my schedule so I'm lazy.

IG4: The reason why I can't fit anything else into my schedule is because I'm a dad and I have to spend most of my time studying AND being a good parent.

3) Write a list of three or more criticisms your inner defender (ID) might level against someone else or life as a result of this situation.

ID1: I lost the house because of the market crash and I was supporting two households and the time and working a full time job. I had no support or help for any outside source. I tried my hardest but even that wasn't enough without support.

ID2: I thought my family would act like family and there would be appreciation and give and take in our relationship. I have idealistic visions of what a family is and does for each other and obviously these ideals are incomprehensible for others. I wasn't in the wrong for doing what I



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