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Journal Entry of a Subordinate Group Member

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Essay Preview: Journal Entry of a Subordinate Group Member

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Journal Entry Of a Subordinate Group Member

The subordinate group that I chose is Filipino Americans. They migrated from the Philippines to Moro Bay, California and made their first settlement as a colony in the marshes of Louisiana. They had many conflicts with Americans and were not allowed to marry white American Women.

My name is Marc and I am from the Philippines located in the southern part of Asia. My country has many different sources of natural water. If laid end to end my country would measure 17.5 thousand kilometers (Philippine-History.Org, 2005-2011). We have fertile land, extensive coastlines, and rich mineral deposits. The history of my culture dates back to 1857.

My ancestors were the first Asian's to cross the pacific. They arrived first in Moro Bay, California. In 1763 Filipinos made their first settlement in Louisiana (Cynful Productions, n.d.). They built houses along the gulf ports of New Orleans and were the first in the U.S. to show Americans how to sun-dry shrimp. They also migrated to Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, and New York looking for jobs in agriculture (The Office of Multicultural Student Services University of Hawaii, 1999-2001). Many headed to Alaska looking for jobs in the fishing can and fishing industry (The Office of Multicultural Student Services University of Hawaii, 1999-2001). Hawaii was another state where many Filipinos went. They saw the island as glorious and a place of happiness and prosperity (The Office of Multicultural Student Services University of Hawaii, 1999-2001).

In 1781 Antonio Miranda Rodriguez Poblar with forty four other individuals were sent by the Spanish government to establish what is known as Los Angeles (Cynful Productions, n.d.). Between 1906 and 1934 more Filipinos came to American with a majority going into California and Hawaii. Spain colonized my country for over three hundred years using Manila Bay as their seaport (Cynful Productions, n.d.). The Filipinos received their name after King Philip II of Spain (Cynful Productions, n.d.). Though we were not aware, through the Treaty of Paris in 1899 Spain sold the Philippines to the U.S. for twenty million dollars. This ended the three hundred years that Spain colonized the Philippines. In the early 1900's other Filipinos came to Hawaii seeking a better life in America working on sugar cane plantations. They worked for long hours on farms and in agriculture fields picking fruits and vegetables such as grapes, asparagus, and lettuce. They also sought jobs working as dishwashers, waiters, and bus boys at local hotels (Cynful Productions, n.d.).

Filipinos were often called half civilized, uneducated, and worthless (The Office of Multicultural Student Services University of Hawaii, 1999-2001). They were accused as being prone to violence and crime along with not living normally and having as many as twenty people sleeping in one room (The



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