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Julius Caesar Making Meanings Act 1

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Essay Preview: Julius Caesar Making Meanings Act 1

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Julius Caesar Making Meanings Act 1

Reviewing the Text

a) Why are the workers celebrating in scene 1? Why does Marullus yell at them?

The workers are celebrating in scene 1 because it was the feast of the Lupercal and because of Caesars triumph over his enemy Pompey. Marullus yelled at them because he was angered that everyone was in favor of Caesar rather then the former ruler Pompey.

b) What does the soothsayer tell Caesar in Scene 2? How does Caesar respond?

The soothsayer told Caesar "Beware the ides of March." By saying this he meant to be careful of the 15th day of March. Caesar responds to this message from the soothsayer as no big deal, he had mention that he was a "dreamer" and it appeared to show that it did not bother him.

c) In Scene 2, how does Casca describe what happened when Caesar was offered the crown?

When the crown was offered to Caesar, he pushed it aside with the back of his hand, and then the people started shouting. He was offered it 3 times but continued to refuse it.

d) Caesar is a powerful ruler, yet he suffers many infirmities. What are Caesars infirmities?

Caesar is deaf in one ear, he's epileptic, he can't swim, and he cries when he has a fever.

e) At the end of Scene 2, how does Cassius say he will pursue his plan to involve Brutus in the conspiracy against Caesar?

Cassius will leave letters on Brutus' property that seems to be from different commoners. The letters will tell Brutus that people dislike Caesar and that they wish Brutus was the leader.

f) At the beginning of scene 3 what do Cicero and Casca discuss? why are they disturbed?

They discuss the strange mishaps and the mysterious way everything had chanced so far. They talk over the anger and wrath displayed by nature, which has clear implications of something, bad and hideous event in the near future.

g) What happened to move the conspiracy plot forward at the end of Scene 3?

Cassius gives Cinna a collection of letters that he has written. They are addressed to Brutus and are made to sound as if they have come from concerned citizens.

Shaping Interpretations

2. Shakespeare uses nature to mirror the disorders in human lives. What details in Scene 3 do you think evoke a sense of danger and terror?

The storm, the lion at the capitol, the people made of flames and the owl at daytime.




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